SATEC 2023

29 – 30 Giugno 2023



9:15 – 12.45 / Palazzo Ducale / Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 9


World Yachting Sustainability Forum.

IBI – International Boat Industry and Confindustria Nautica

The rush to carbon zero, changing consumer habits and a post pandemic boating boom present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for our sector. IBI Editor Ed Slack is joined by McKinsey & Company’s Michael Harney, Jakob Fleischmann, and Erik Dellborg along with top industry stakeholders and international representatives to debate just what the next generation of consumers will look like; how best to harness new technologies, and the roadmap to a truly sustainable industry of tomorrow.


9.15am-9.30am – Registration/coffee

9.30am-9.45am – Institutional Greetings

9.45am-9.50am – Welcome address: IBI Editor-in-Chief, Ed Slack

09.50-10.15 – Keynote address: McKinsey & Company, Michael Harney, Jakob Fleischmann, Erik Dellborg: How can the leisure marine industry respond to demands for sustainable products?

10.15-10.40 – Setting the Sustainability Agenda – Sustainability: IBI Editor-in-Chief Ed Slack welcomes to the stage NMMA’s Director of Environment, Health and Safety Compliance, Jeff Wasil who will provide snapshot reports on sustainability advances in the US and European markets respectively.

10.45-11.25 (to include 10 min Q&A)

IBI Editor-in-Chief Ed Slack introduces panellists Nicola Pomi (Volvo Penta), Eugenio Blasetti (Mercedes), Jeff Wasil (NMMA), Stefano Pagani (Confindustria Nautica), Jakob Fleischmann (McKinsey & Company), Michele Francioni (MSC Cruises) to debate: 

Panel discussion 1:

The power of the future – How best to harness the potential of Electric, Hydrogen and sustainable marine fuels, and how do we make sure we have the global infrastructure to support the change? What can we learn from other industries?

Is the industry on track to meet its carbon neutral goals or do we need greater joined up thinking when it comes to decarbonisation technologies. Are we learning from the auto sector or falling into the same traps where confused and conflicting approaches to technological and infrastructure development risk de-railing our ambitions?


Setting the Sustainability Agenda – Customer of the future: Editor-in-Chief Ed Slack welcomes to the stage McKinsey & Company’s Michael Harney to deliver a perspective on the changing consumer and implications for leisure boating companies.

11.50-12.30 (to include 10 min Q&A)

IBI Editor-in-Chief Ed Slack introduces panellists Carlo Lacovini (Energica), Michael Harney, Erik Dellborg (McKinsey & Company)

Panel discussion 2:

From pipe dreams to reality. How do take full advantage of the tech revolution to ensure boating remains relevant to the next generation of consumers?

How can the quest for boating autonomy transform boating; what other technologies will shape the onboard experience of tomorrow? How can the industry facilitate change and increase consumer engagement? Over the next 20 years it is predicted that the wealth transfer from the ‘baby boom’ generation in the US alone will register $30-plus trillion. What must our industry do to ensure it captures the spend and imagination of tomorrow’s buyer?


Closing address – IBI Editor-in-Chief, Ed Slack

12.45 Networking lunch – Palazzo Ducale rooftop restaurant

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