A body of water between the earth and the sky, the perfect place for cultivating the sea’s precious natural resources. The Marine Protected Area called Torre del Cerrano is in Abruzzo, “Europa’s greenest region,” where over 30% of the land is protected.Located between the townships of Pineto and Silvi in the province of Teramo, this Marine Protected Area covers seven km of coastline and is the finishing touch on an extensive network of protected underwater oasis that have revitalised the marine environment in recent years.The Torre del Cerrano, constructed by the Spaniards in 1568, houses the Center for Marine Biology and is just two kilometres from the center of town of Pineto.

Marine Area Protected

The waters of the Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano have distinct ecosystems that nevertheless depend closely on one another. Typical of the Adriatic is the sandy sea bed that makes up the larger part of the MPA, but there are also some rocky areas with partially submerged outcrops around the old port town Atri and some sedimentary stone islands in other areas.

Marine organisms that can be found in the area include both pelagic and benthic species and a variety of algae and other seaweeds. The small and rare Adriatic gastropod Trivia Adriatica lives side by side with the large natural constructions created by Sabellaria halcocki and it’s easy to spot fish such as European conger, sea bass, sole and white sea bream. The principal inhabitants of the large and wide areas of sandy sea bed are molluscs and bivalves such as clams (Chamelea gallina.)

Useful Contacts

Consorzio Gestione Area Marina Protetta Torre del Cerrano
C.F. 90013490678
Legal Seat: Torre Cerrano, S.S.16 Adriatica,Km 431 Pineto-Silvi (Te)
Main Office: Dep. Villa Filiani, via D’Annunzio 90 Pineto (Te)
Mailing Address: Casella Postale n.34 – 64025 Pineto (Te)
Certified email Address: