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17 April 2024

The Italian Marine Industry Association at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome



This morning, at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, one of the two houses that with the Senate of the Republic make up Italy’s Parliament, the round table session “Nautica da diporto: eccellenza produttiva, figure professionali e nuovi fabbisogni” (“Yachting excellence and today’s needs: from production to industry professionals”) was organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association Confindustria Nautica. The panel discussion represents one of the numerous initiatives promoted by the Italian Ministry of Business and Made in Italy Production throughout the Made in Italy Week.

In his address to those taking part in the event, Minister Adolfo Urso emphasised how “the Government is fully aware of the importance of supporting and promoting this vast industry, an industry that in the past has been penalised far too often by short-sighted or ideological choices. Since taking office, our government has adopted a series of measures aimed at boosting development across the sector, which relies on a favourable environment for entrepreneurs, workers, investors, and tourists”.

The event was a key opportunity to highlight the achievements of the Italian yachting industry and how it has supported the country’s growth: “the boating industry is an expression of all the values that are represented in the term Made in Italy. On the international stage, this sector is the uncontested leader,” stated the President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Saverio Cecchi. Starting with the Genoa International Boat Show, which saw the official visit of Prime Minister Meloni and seven cabinet Ministers, we have already witnessed the Government’s intention to pay greater attention to the industry, more than we could have imagined. There is still a great deal of work to be done, but I am grateful for this change of pace and for the clear interest in our sector demonstrated by this Government “.

On the stage of the Chamber of Deputies Press Room, moderated by Roberto Neglia, Head of Institutional Relations at the Italian Marine Industry Association, speeches were given by Fabio Planamente, Managing Director of Cantiere del Pardo S.p.A. and Councillor of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Deborah Bergamini, from the Foreign Affairs Commission and Italian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Gerolamo Cangiano, from the Transport, Post and Telecommunications, and Culture, Science and Education Commissions, Ilaria Cavo, Vice President of the Productive Activities Commission, Salvatore Deidda, President of the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission, Alberto Luigi Gusmeroli, President of the Productive Activities Commission, and Riccardo Rigillo, Chief of Cabinet for the Italian Ministry for Sea Policies.


Planamente: “The Made in Italy brand is highly appreciated abroad. This gives us an enormous advantage, we are uncontested leaders in design, quality and innovation. We must continue to invest in Italy and in exclusive and innovative products. This country offers excellence and unique skills. This is why it is necessary to invest in the next generations. We must remember that for every person working in the yachting industry, 9.2 jobs are generated in the Made in Italy supply chain“.

Hon. Deidda: “It is our duty here today to attest to the political attention paid to the yachting sector. There has been an active decision in this legislature to make the most of the sea as a fundamental resource, a decision that is essential when it comes to considering the yachting industry not as a niche sector, but as a sector that provides benefits for society as a whole”.

Gusmeroli: “The Made in Italy Law was born from the final report that was carried out by the Productive Activities Commission with regards to the Made in Italy brand, listening to important stakeholders such as the Italian Marine Industry Association Confindustria Nautica. We are grateful to Minister Urso for accepting what emerged from the investigation, a step forward towards finally making the Made in Italy brand the powerhouse it deserves to be“.

Hon. Cangiano: “I thank the Italian Marine Industry Association Confindustria Nautica for choosing the Chamber of Deputies to celebrate the Made in Italy Week. We keep a close eye on this sector, the numbers of which are clear and speak for themselves. We in Fratelli d’Italia want to make an active contribution in the Transport Commission to implement the reform of the Nautical Code through the ‘Blu economy’ Bill. Another matter that I will personally follow in the Culture Commission is the legislative measures for technical higher education institutions, which is also essential to meeting the training needs of such an exceptional sector”.

Hon. Bergamini: “Today we are witnessing an important shift, a change in perception, after decades of characterising the yachting industry as a sector of which we needed to feel ashamed. This industry is a feather in the cap of national exports, and I say this also as someone born in Viareggio, an area that with La Spezia represents the world’s leading production area. From an international perspective, we must prevent unfair practices and dumping strategies of other countries. Supporting VAT alignment in the EU must be a priority issue on the new Commission’s agenda. In Italy we need attractive taxation, we need to strengthen the tools that we know can work, such as nautical leasing, a segment that needs to be protected, and we need to make sure that boats arrive in Italy and stay in Italy, streamlining bureaucracy and making our flag a competitive choice. And we must never forget that yachting is a win-win industry: when it works, even the tax authorities win“.

Hon. Cavo: “Today we took stock of the sector, emphasising its central role in the parliamentary and governmental agenda. In this context, I would also like to mention the essential and strategic role of the Genoa International Boat Show. In the Productive Activities Commission, I was able to influence the Made in Italy DDL by inserting two clauses into the bureaucratic simplification agenda, specifically those simplifying the scrapping of small engines and the certification for Italian boats navigating in foreign waters. Another crucial issue other than bureaucracy is the need of training opportunities. We must ensure that technical higher education institutions are maintained in the Made in Italy system”.


Rigillo, Chief of Cabinet Office of the Italian Ministry for Sea Policies: “The yachting industry is a fundamental segment of not just the Made in Italy brand, but also of the maritime economy in its entirety. The drafting of the country’s Sea Plan has shown that the sector is by far the largest contributor to the maritime cluster in terms of employment. It is no coincidence that President Meloni was present at the last Genoa International Boat Show, and that such a large portion of the Government was also present. Luxury, a term by which the sector has often been referred to, means competence, professionalism, and the art of craftsmanship, and we should not forget that in many coastal towns yachting is intrinsically widespread across many different social classes. Now, finally, with the Sea Plan we have an overview of the cluster, a cluster that will be further boosted by the Blu Economy Bill“.

The Made in Italy Week will continue with the international press tour organised by Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association, under the patronage of the Italian Trade Agency, which will take place at one of the most prolific shipbuilding districts, the Emilia Romagna and Marche production pole, the industrial excellence of which will also be a key marketing and territorial promotion tool for the country.

Rome, 17th April 2024