The events during the 61st Genoa International Boat Show’s Opening Day

Conference – “Leisure boating, a new Italian flag”: reforms and simplifications to make the Italian flag more competitive

A key event during the first inaugural day of the 61st Genoa International Boat Show was the Conference dedicated to “Leisure boating, a new Italian flag – From the Nautical Code reform to that of the implementation Regulatory Framework, to sector-specific decrees – simplifications aimed at making the Italian flag more competitive on the global stage”, Organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association.

Speakers included Teresa Di Matteo, General Director of Maritime Transport, Italian Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Admiral Inspector Chief of Corps Nicola Carlone from the General Command Headquarters of the Port Authority  – Coast Guard, Commander Massimo Seno, Head of Legal Affairs, Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard, Vice President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Maurizio Balducci, Adolfo D’Angelo from CONFARCA, Marco D’agliano from UNASCA, those involved in the technical and coordination side. Moderating the event was Roberto Neglia, Institutional Relations Manager for the Italian Marine Industry Association.

Teresa Di Matteo announced that the draft of the new Nautical Code was licensed by General Management. All that is left for the legislation to reach Palazzo Chigi is the go-ahead from the Ministries involved. Di Matteo announced that the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Enrico Giovannini has signed the provision for reforming the nautical license system and the regulatory framework concerning chartering and leasing boats.

Vice President of the Italian Marine Industry Association Maurizio Balducci reminded guests and exhibitors of the simplifications and reforms aimed at making the Italian flag more competitive on the European and global stage.

Numerous changes are expected for the nautical license examination procedure  to make the system leaner, which will benefit both the candidates and administration. First and foremost, those who pass the written part of the exam, but who have not passed the practical test – failing both opportunities allowed – may take the practical test once again within 30 days without having to restart the examination procedure from the beginning, which was the case up until now. The examination syllabus will also be changed: with a more pragmatic and practical approach. In order to be admitted to the examination process the candidate will have to have completed at least 5 hours  of manoeuvres overall, which must be confirmed by a boating school.

We are very pleased with the productive discussions we have been having – added Balducci. – The simplification of the more notion-focused and mnemonic aspects and greater focus on safety, practical navigation and environmental awareness represent the objectives we have met.”

The first day of the 61st Genoa International Boat Show was full of events .

In the early afternoon, the Breitling Theatre hosted a must-see event at the Genoa International Boat Show today, a press conference presenting the results of Operation: Safe Sea, an initiative organised by the Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard, aimed at promoting safety and the protection of the environment. The data presented- starting with 303,823 checks at sea carried out this year, the 2,715 people saved and 5,259 Blue Stamps issued – confirm the large and effective commitment of the Coast Guard across the Mediterranean, as was emphasised by Admiral Inspector Chief of Corps Nicola Carlone, from the Command Headquarters of the Port Authority Corps.

Captain Cosimo Nicastro, responsible for External Relations for the Port Authority, took to the stage to underline how “every day 3000 officers watched over the Italian coasts, providing effective and active assistance”, also underlining the efforts of the Coast Guard to protect the environment, not just individual safety.

This morning, at the Sebago stand, the ocean sailor Alberto Bona met with the press and offshore sailing enthusiasts in view of his taking part in the RoundItaly Genova-Trieste regatta. “I can’t wait to get on the water and sail, this will be a wonderful experience. With Sebago we are moving forward with our plans, in the works for 2 years now, with the aim to compete with the greatest ocean sailors in the world”, explained Bona, who at 5.00 pm today will set off from Genoa to tackle the 1,130 miles of the longest non-stop regatta on the Mediterranean. “This partnership is very important to us, since in Italy ocean sailing benefits from a lot less visibility than many other disciplines, our objective is to raise awareness and Sebago’s support is doing a lot to make this possible”.

At 5.00 pm the Italia Yachts stand invited the press to a world premiere event for their brand new IY 12.98, a design by Maurizio Cossutti which joins the models that defined the Italian shipyard’s international success.

A boat that immediately attracted the interest of boating enthusiasts, to such a degree that, as underlined by the Italia Yachts Sale Manager Daniele De Tullio, “this morning, the very first day of the Genoa International Boat Show, we already sold three boats, two of which were none other than the 12.98”.  A particularly positive piece of news and, as De Tullio was right to point out, “a pleasant surprise that strengthens our conviction to be a part of the Genoa Boat Show”.


Breitling Theatre | Teatro del Mare

10:00 – 11:00 am: Electronic Marine Cartography for leisure boating– organised by the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Lega Navale: the sea and the environment – organised by Lega Navale Italiana

12:00 -1:00 pm Harken Tech Talk: racing and cruising, how winches are changing and what about the deck plan? the foiling revolution and more, organised by HARKEN

1:30 – 2:30 pm Event: “The sea and your diet”, organised by the Foggia “OO.RR.” University Policlinic

Ore 14:30 – 16:00: Press conference: MISSION Vendée Globe 2024. Giancarlo Pedote, ocean solo sailor, skipper of the IMOCA Prysmian Group at the Vendée Globe 2020.

4:00 – 5:00 pm: Green Keel Pack, organised by BOERO

Blue Pavilion

10:30 am: Boating, Tax and Customs, As per tradition, the annual panel dedicated to the latest fiscal, customs and industry-oriented regulations, organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association –Forum Hall

10:30 am: International Cluster Act Matching Event – Blue Pavilion Terrace

10:30 am: Leisure boats and irradiated noise at sea: impact, regulations, measures, mitigation, organised by the Marine Centre – University of Genoa –Innovation Hall

12:00 pm: Flying with the wind…

the materials, methods and research behind making a sailboat “fly”. organised by the Marine Centre – University of Genoa –Innovation Hall

2:00 pm: Genoa International Boat Show Coffee Break – Press Office

2.30 pm: Cybersecurity in yachting: experiences, critical issues and solutions, organised by Atena Lombardia –Forum Hall

2:30 pm: The boating world’s innovative start-ups, organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association and Italian Trade Agency – Blue Pavilion Terrace

3:45 pm: Liguria: innovazione e crescita delle Start-up e imprese blu, organised by the Liguria Region and Liguria International – Blue Pavilion Terrace


Awarding exhibitors at the Genoa Boat Show who stand out for the innovation, formal and technical quality and sustainability of their latest products, organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association and I Saloni Nautici – Blue Pavilion Terrace