The initials LX indicate the degree of “extra luxury” and the numeration the impressive width of 2.85 metres. These are only two of the elements that make the new Ranieri International – NEXT 285 LX stand out, one of the latest designs coming from the Soverato shipyard.

As the other models from the NEXT line, the new NEXT 285 LX is also designed and built with the Fully – Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International, which optimises production processes and allows for the creation of a single-structure deck that unites into one single form the floor of the cabin, the fuel and water tank holders, and the lockers. The Fully – Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International allows for the use of the maximum width of the design at roughly 2/3 of the length, thus optimising comfort onboard.

The new NEXT 285 LX also features two more peculiarities conceived by Ranieri International: the second-generation Hull Innovative System for the hull and the Cockpit Shock Absorber for the hull and deck assembly. The new Ranieri International – NEXT 285 LX will only feature outboard motors reaching a maximum of 600 Hp.