This document highlights the privacy policies of personal data processed by Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as simply C.N.) and has the purpose of describing the methods by which the processing of personal data of users and visitors of this site is carried out and providing a general description of personal data processing.

The website on which you are currently browsing is owned by the Italian Marine Industry Association, Confindustria Nautica, and is managed by Matteo Di Luca, registered under VAT number 02340290994.

In accordance with the current laws regarding personal data protection (i.e. UE Regulation 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as “GDPR” and, where applicable, Legislative Decree 196/03 as modified by Legislative Decree n. 101/2018), we would like to inform you that the companies C.N. and the I Saloni Nautici S.r.l., a subsidiary company of C.N. (hereinafter referred to simply as “I Saloni”), both located at Via S. Nazaro n.11, 16145 Genoa – Italy are Joint Data Controllers (in accordance with art. 26 GDPR) of your personal data (hereinafter referred to jointly as Joint Controllers) and can be contacted at the following contact details: phone number: +39 010 5769811; Fax number: +39 010 5531104; and e-mail address:

DPO and person of reference in this regard is Laura Marretta, who may be contacted  at the above-listed telephone number and via the following e-mail address:

The Joint Controllers adopt the following policy as required by Article 12 of the GDPR as a measure to provide the data subject with the information referred to in Article 13 of the GDPR and the communications referred to in Articles 15 to 22 and 34 of the GDPR relating to the processing of the data provided. The policy describes how we collect, use and process your personal data, and how, in doing so, we provide services and fulfil our legal obligations to you. Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your rights with regards to the protection of your personal data under the basic principles of legality, good practice and transparency.

This policy is to be understood in a general sense and is to be provided to all those who interact with the website, accessible electronically from the URL address, corresponding to the home page of the official website of C.N.

The policy is not valid for other websites that may be consulted through our links, for which the Joint Controllers are in no way responsible. The website also uses social plug-ins (for example, in relation to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram), for which the Joint Controllers are in no way responsible; therefore please read the relative privacy policies of the respective owners of said plug-ins.

We aim to update the website constantly and adapt it to meet any amendments to legal requirements. We may therefore modify this document and/or our privacy policy. For updates please consult this page, on which we will state any future changes. If you have any questions or doubts concerning the following rules relating to your privacy or if you wish to view the joint controllership agreement, please contact the Joint Data Controllers by writing to:

In order to avoid the potential for misunderstandings, please find a list definitions below aimed at clarifying the meaning of a set of terms used throughout this document:

  • Personal data: “any information concerning an identified or identifiable physical person […]”;
  • Processing: “any operation or set of operations […] applied to personal data”;
  • Profiling: “any form of automated processing of personal data consisting in the use of such personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to a physical person […]”;
  • Data subject: the physical person to whom the personal data refer;
  • Data Controller: “the physical or legal person, public authority, service or other body which, individually or together with others, determines the purposes of the processing […]”;
  • Data processor: “the physical or legal person, public authority, service or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the Joint Data Controllers”;
  • Consent of the data subject: “any manifestation of free, specific, unequivocal and informed will of the data subject, with which they express their consent, through an unequivocal positive action of declaration, that their personal data be processed”.

Data processing policy in accordance with articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR

The Joint Data Controllers would like to inform you that the Personal data you have provided via interaction with said Controllers through the use of this website or by filling out our forms, data that does not fall under the specific categories of personal data as listed in art. 9 GDPR, (the “Data”), will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR regulation. The treatment of said data is carried out on the basis of the legal conditions required by art. 6 GDPR, for purposes relating to the established relationship with the Joint Controllers, therefore, the legal basis for the treatment as required by art. 13 letter c GDPR finds its justification in the reasons for which said relationship was established, the reasons, that is, for which the browsing/visiting/using party, with regards to the website of the Joint Data Controllers, access said website, or for which said party choose to submit any form designed to gather data, whether filled out on the website itself (in order to, for example, receive our newsletter or our relative news) or downloaded from the website, filled out and subsequently submitted in order to benefit from the services relating to said form and/or to be able to access information as a member of C.N. or to share in C.N. association life under the relative regulatory framework and take part in all the activities and initiatives that are conceived, executed and promoted by C.N. itself in favour of its members.

The treatment of data provided to the Joint Controllers will include: the management, organisation, preservation, database creation, processing in EU and non-EU territories (countries, that is, which fall under those referred to in articles 45 and 46 GDPR), the creation of statistics, consultation, elaboration, deletion, destruction and modification of said data following notification on behalf of the data subject. The data processing will also be carried out in order to send you communications regarding our upcoming initiatives, soft spam through e-mail messaging and light marketing practices, promotional material aimed at sponsoring conferences and talks (legal basis: the legitimate interest of the Data Controller. You may refuse this activity by either following the instructions found at the bottom of our e-mails or by writing to our DPO; if you had requested any of these services yourself, the legal basis of the relative data processing is your consent, which you may revoke at any time by writing to our DPO or by simply following the instructions found at the bottom of any relevant communications). Certain pieces of data may be shared with our partners with whom initiatives are developed or with Bodies, Institutions or the Italian Trade Agency. Processing carried out by partners of the Joint Controllers will always take place in favour of the user, without using the data for marketing. We would also remind you that the processing of data connected to web services provided by this website hosted by the Webh24 server is carried out directly by Webh24 and is taken care of by Webh24 employees, collaborators or third parties who are authorised for occasional maintenance interventions.

We gather a limited amount of data from users visiting our website, data which we make use of to optimise your experience while using said website and to manage the services we provide. Such data includes information concerning how our website is used, access frequency and moments of peak popularity of the site itself. We would also remind you that while navigating through our website you will be given the opportunity to contact the Joint Controllers, including via non-digital means.

The present online space is also used by the Joint Controllers to provide data subjects with the Policy defined in accordance with art. 14 GDPR, in fact, in a number of cases, the Joint Controllers have collected data deriving from various public domain sources, as regulated in cons. 61 GDPR, such as newspapers, blogs, public lists, online searches, all data that is collected and processed in view of the same purpose for which said data was originally collected by the source and which does not fall under the specific categories of personal data as listed in art. 9 GDPR. Said data (personal details and e-mail contacts), form a part of the Joint Controllers’ DB (the legal basis for the treatment as required by art. 13 letter c GDPR finds its legal foundation in the legitimate interests of the Joint Controllers in accordance with art. 6 paragraph f) used (in EU and extra-EU territories which fall under those referred to in articles 45 and 46 GDPR) to carry out soft spam, solely on behalf of the Joint Data Controllers, to keep you informed of association activities and our initiatives (i.e.: connected events broadly relating to the boating world), from which the recipient may unsubscribe at any time by simply contacting our DPO.

Data treatment will be carried out in paper form and/or electronic form by subjects who are specifically authorised to carry out said treatment. Providing data is optional, except for the data gathered automatically by the system, and it is agreed that by continuing to use the site and by not deactivating cookies (see our Cookies Policy) the Joint Controllers will be authorised to process said data in order to satisfy the requests on behalf of the data subjects, in accordance with art. 4 paragraph 11. The Joint Data Controllers will not carry out any form of data processing based on automated decision-making systems. The data will be stored for the time necessary in order to achieve the purpose for which it is collected.

The Joint Data Controllers would like to inform you that you have the right to rectify (art. 16 GDPR), erase (art. 17 GDPR), limit the processing of (art 18 GDPR) and access all personal data provided and all subsequent information as listed in art. 15 GDPR.

You also have the right to:

1)         ask the Data Controller for access to personal data and for the correction or deletion of such data or the limitation of its treatment or

2)         refuse their treatment;

3)         data portability in accordance with art. 20 GDPR;

4)         should the treatment be based on art. 6 paragraph 1 letter a, or on art. 9 paragraph 2 letter a, revoke your consent at any time without prejudice to the legality of such treatment based on the consent given prior to the act of revoking it;

5)         make a claim to a control authority;

6)         see your rights under art. 21 GDPR recognised, including the right to oppose at any time, for reasons connected to your own specific situation, the treatment of your data for the Controller’s legitimate pursuit of their own interest.

You may exercise your above-listed rights or request further information by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: specifying in the subject line: “esercizio dei diritti ex GDPR” (“exercising GDPR rights”) and inserting within the text area the right you wish to exercise. The Controllers, once the request has been processed, will reply in line with the requirements indicated in art. 12 GDPR.

We reserve the right to refuse such a request solely for the following reasons:

–           for reasons concerning our freedom of expression and information;

–           for legal obligations or reasons concerning public interest or official authorities;

–           for public health-related reasons;

–           for reasons relating to archiving, research or statistics, or to exercise or defend a legal right.

In satisfying a valid request for deletion, we will adopt every reasonable measure necessary for

deleting the data in question.

The Controller would also like to inform you that, should they wish to treat your personal data for purposes that differ from those for which the data was gathered, before such treatment can take place, they will provide the concerned individual with information regarding said different purpose and any further information that is pertinent, in order to obtain their consent, should they accept.

we would also like to inform you that the Controllers use specific, valid policies for acquiring data in specific contexts which you may consult for each individual instance (such as joining the association, registering for a trade show, etc.). We would also remind you that when visitors send e-mail communications to the addresses provided on this website, for the purposes specified in each instance, the sender’s e-mail address and any other personal data included in the message will be collected and subsequently processed with the methods and purposes already indicated in the information above. By sending such communications, the sender is automatically confirming their knowledge and acceptance of the relative privacy policy.

Data breach: Should the Joint Data Controllers suffer a violation as described in articles 33 and 34 that might put at risk the rights and liberty of individuals (a so-called data breach), then the Data Controllers will act to notify, where required, the competent Authorities and inform the relative data subjects of said breach.

Notifications regarding the Joint Controllers’ activities, and relevant newsletters, are reserved for specific categories of registered users. In order to provide and manage this service, the Controllers use tools and services provided by the website . For further details on how Mailup processes personal data, please carefully consult the following link: Privacy Mailup. Not providing your data will have no consequence for the user, except for the impossibility for the user to benefit from the requested services, should they not provide the necessary data, services they may later unsubscribe from by clicking the “unsubscribe” button found at the bottom of every communication.

List of Members

The website also contains a list of association members, for whom certain details are provided. The Joint Data Controllers would like to remind you, in accordance with the requirements issued by the competent Authorities, that personal data made public through the website in question may be used by browsing parties for purposes that differ from those for which the information was initially given, that is, to give visitors the possibility to verify those already present on the platform and provide commercial contact details in order to be easily contacted. We would remind you that the fact that personal data is available to a multitude of individuals does not mean said information can be used freely for any kind of purpose; the Italian Data Protection Authority underlines how the availability of data online must be “aligned with the purposes for which the data in question was shared online in the first place”.

Browsing Data

The IT systems and software procedures required for this site to function acquire, during their usual functions, personal data the transmission of which is implicit when using internet communication protocols. This data is used solely to obtain anonymous statistic information on the site’s use and to ensure its correct functioning. The data is subsequently deleted immediately after its processing. The data could be used to determine responsibility in the case of hypothetical IT-related crimes perpetrated against the site.


A cookie is a small text file obtained from a website and stored on the user’s hard drive. Thus cookies can identify unequivocally the browser used. Cookies do not damage the user’s computer nor do they contain viruses. They are needed to simplify web traffic analysis or notify when a specific site is visited and they allow web applications to send information to individual users.

The cookies gathered from out internet sites do not reveal any information regarding the actual user, we do not use cookies to send information of a personal nature and the use of cookies, which may be disabled at any time, does not include tracking users.

The cookies that relate to our websites are used purely for statistical reasons, in an anonymous format, in order to improve the user’s experience. Should cookies become useful for any other purposes, said purposes will be made clear to users.

To read our specific policy regarding cookies click here.


All documents, texts, images, brands and anything else published and reproduced on this site is the property of I Saloni Nautici S.r.l. and C.N. and/or its use is permitted by third parties. All contents of the site are protected by law with regards to copyright protection and intellectual property. The full or partial reproduction of these contents, even partial, is strictly forbidden.


I Saloni Nautici S.r.l. and C.N. take no responsibility in relation to the content of what is published on this site nor to third-party use, nor are they responsible for any contamination that may originate from accessing or interconnecting with the site or downloading material and programmes from this
site. Therefore, they may not be held responsible, in any way, for damage, loss or prejudice of any kind that third parties may suffer due to coming into contact with this site or following the use or trusting of the information published therein, along with any repercussions from the use of the adopted software. The material and information on the site are subject to change or updates without warning.

Although I Saloni and C.N. strive to proceed with maximum care when inserting information onto the site, they do not take any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the provided information, the use of which is at the exclusive risk of the user. By providing the user with such information, I Saloni Nautici S.r.l. and C.N. do not issue any kind of copyright license, patent or any other form of intellectual property.


The User, by accessing the website and navigating through the relative web pages, declares they accept the application of Italian Law with regards to their actions.

The Joint Data Controllers will commit to providing an answer to users who send formal written complaints to this address: in order to further understand the issue raised. We also commit to conferring with the competent authorities in order to settle issues concerning the transfer of personal data that cannot be settled between C.N., I Saloni, and private individuals.