The Italian Marine Industry Association has been organising the ‘Boating Industry Pioneers’ Award since 1988,a prize ceremony that has now reached its 31st edition. The award, which enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Developmentacknowledges those who have distinguished themselves in the boating world for their commitment, dedication and skills. Entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, designers and journalists who have believed and continue to believe in this sector with unwavering passion.

Nominations for the Award are assessed by a Jury consisting of the Commander General of the Port Authority, the Governing Bodies of the Italian Marine Industry Association and the previous year’s award winners.

XXXI Pionieri Della Nautica 2022

The 31st edition of the Boating Industry Pioneers Award was held on 20th May during the 2022 SATEC Convention and saw the Presidents of the Jury, Rear Admiral Gaetano Angora, aritime Director of the Livorno Harbour Office, and Saverio Cecchi, President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, award founder and President of Next Yacht Group Francesco Guidetti, with the title of Boating Industry Pioneer in the manager category, whose strong passion for the sector has contributed significantly to the history of the Italian yachting industry.

For the skilled professionals category, Bruno LottiPietro Ranieri and Gian Paolo Vertua received the title of Pioneers of the Boating Industry with equal merit, having contributed over forty years of professional activity to the success and growth of their companies.

The Pioneer Award for the designers category went to Achille Fortunato, inventor specialised in nautical technology, designer and far-sighted entrepreneur, founder of the Eolo Marine shipyard.

Gennaro Coretti on the other hand, was awarded the Pioneer Award for the Italian journalist category, due to his career as an established writer and journalist. The prize for the foreign journalist category went to Franck Van Espen, editor-in-chief of Yachts France magazine – a reference point for the entire boating world.

The 2022 edition also saw a Special Prize awarded to Andrea Gasparri, whose great passion for the sea and boating has accompanied him throughout his professional career, first in the Italian Marine Industry Association and at the world boating federation ICOMIA, and through his numerous managerial roles at world-leading international Business Schools and on their Advisory Boards.

Piero Cesana received a Special Lifetime Achievement Award for over 50 years of activity in the boating industry and over 40 years in the distribution of boats of prestigious international brands.