Special geological processes have changed the morphology of the coastline that is now low in some places and high and jagged in others.  Typically Mediterranean vegetation sees dense patches of plants with many fan palms. In better-protected areas there are mastic trees and myrtle. Along rocky outcrops you can see colonies of sea worms that look like tropical coral reefs while the seabeds in shallow water areas have meadows of Posidonia with large Pinna nobilis fan mussels. In deeper rocky layers there are lots of coralligenous colonies with yellow cluster anemones, spirogyras, sponges, bryozoans, mantis shrimp, sea slugs and many other types of fish. Spelunkers will enjoy exploring the underwater caves: you can take guided diving tours of the caves at Capo Meli, the Stalattiti cave, the Plemmirio and the Corvine. You can spot large migrant fish like tuna, greater amberjacks and sharks and Mediterranean cetaceans: all kinds of dolphins like bottlenose dolphins, stenellas and grampus and even fin and sperm whales.

Marine Area Protected

Founded in January 2005, the Marine Protected Area covers 2.429 hectares, of which 113 are a zone A integral reserve. The Marine Protected Area is south of Syracuse and runs along the Penisola della Maddalena, between Capo Castelluccio and Capo Murro di Porco. It includes the series of underwater caves eroded from the local stone by the seawater.

The zone A integral reserve is delimitated by the usual yellow buoys. New rules and regulations are currently under approval. The area is also o the list of SPAMIs (Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean), protocolled during the United Nation’s Barcelona Convention.

Useful Contacts

Consorzio di gestione Plemmirio
via Necropoli del Fusco, 7 – 96100 Siracusa (SR)
tel. 0931/449310
Capitaneria di Porto di Siracusa
tel. 0931/481011

By Boat

Between the zone B general reserve and the zone C there are 400 moorings for boats both on the north and on the south sides of the Park. Up to four smaller boats may tie on to the small boat moorings, one yacht is allowed on the larger boat moorings. Four miles farther north you’ll find Syracuse and its Porto Grande, the Marina Yachting dock and Porto Piccolo.