This Marine Protected Area is a real underwater archaeological museum thanks to the fact that an area of coast between Punta Campanella and Capo Miseno has sunk below sea level over the course of the centuries. During ancient Roman times, this was an important vacation spot and you can see the remains of an old tourist village in the sandy seabed at 2 to 16m deep. Divers can admire perfectly preserved mosaics, columns, remains of buildings, docks and shops along with the sea life that inhabits them today: bryozoans and sponges along with sea bream, anemones and sea slugs. In the cracks between the old structures you can find octopus and other fish and on the sandy seabed you’ll see fan mussels (Pinna nobilis,) the largest species of bivalve in the Mediterranean. You can take guided diving tours to see the remains of the Imperial Villa and the famous Ninfeo di Claudio.

The Underwater Park

Founded in 2002, this protected Marine and Archaeological Area covers 77 hectares, 21 of which are a zone A integral reserve. Located in the Gulf of Naples, the Park goes from the tip of Castello di Baia to Punta Epitaffio. The area is protected by the Ministero dell’Ambiente and also by the Ministero dei Beni Culturali for the extraordinary beauty of the seabed and the cultural value of the archaeological remains. Archaeologists say that this area is even more important than Pompei and the underwater ecosystem is also healthy. The zone A integral reserve is signalled by yellow delimitation buoys with signal lights and by yellow top marks on the shore. New rules and guidelines are currently being approved.

Useful Contacts

Soprintendenza per i beni archeologici delle
Province di Napoli e Caserta (Ente gestore)
Castello di Baia
via Castello, 39 – Bacoli, 80135 Napoli
tel. 081/5233797
Call center Parco
tel. 081/372 3760
prenotazioni visite
numero verde 800 902 924
Capitaneria di Porto di Napoli
tel. 081/2445111

By boat

On top of the very crowded floating pontoons in Baia, you’ll find the Marina di Maglietta close to the Marine Protected Area. A bit further south you’ll find floating pontoons at the small tourist port at Nisida.