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30 November 2023

New installations for Ingemar

Ingemar’s commitment to satisfying installation needs that go beyond classic solutions in yachting continues with the historic technical sponsor of the Genoa International Boat Show conceiving solutions from the industrial sector to fishing, to installations for public bodies, local administrations and military garrisons, as well initiatives for sporting and artistic events.

The list is long, and in 2023 Ingemar will be busy once again with a series of installations such as a new floating slipway of over 70 square metres commissioned by the Port of Giulianova and a new special landing location at Giudecca for the 30-ton vessels of the Guardia di Finanza in Venice.

Other installations include those at CONSUBIN, the Italian Navy’s ‘Teseo Tesei’ Underwater and Incursion Regiment Command in La Spezia, and in Palau, where the complete replacement of the last five floating pontoons in the marina is currently being completed.

On the island of Djerba, a new installation for the fishing flotilla was built, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to seal the collaboration between the Italian and Tunisian Governments.


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