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18 May 2023

Manoeuvring propellers made by Quick

A 26% increase in sales in 2022, with a further 10% increase expected in 2023. These are the first figures announced by Quick, a Ravenna-based company founded in the 1980s and specialising in the design and production of manoeuvring propellers since 2007, featuring a range of products that now includes over 40 models for boats measuring from 5 to 50 metres in length.

Quick’s production ranges from classic DC thrusters, in five different ranges, DC, AC, DC-AC, hydraulic thrusters and the QSY range, which uses synchronous motors for retractable manoeuvring propellers: the ideal solution for sailing boats.

In particular, Quick’s QSY range offers more cutting-edge technology and next-generation thruster control in an energy-efficient package. “The more the electrification process takes hold, the more energy-efficient solutions will be needed,” commented Andreas Karlsen, Quick’s Head of Sales in North Europe. “A classic DC thruster requires the instalment of a separate battery pack dedicated specifically to the thruster, whereas with a QSY model it will be possible to integrate the product with the yacht’s own main battery pack thanks to the fact that it consumes much less energy.”

Quick’s QSY range includes four models for yachts from 7 to 30 metres, however, more models are planned in the coming months. In particular, Andreas Karlsen pointed out that, “for the 185 mm sized model, which is used on mid-range boats from 9 to 18 metres in length and is therefore the most popular, we are the only company to offer counter-rotating propellers, which are capable of guaranteeing the same degree of thrust on both sides, while all our competitors only offer their own propellers in the form of larger 260 mm sizes. This is a key indicator of our much broader approach, providing an amount of flexibility that offers our customers as many options as possible.”


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