The coastal area is a series of inlets, small promontories and rocky cliffs that have been eroded by the water to create caves and beautiful grottoes. Neolithic artefacts were found in a cave at Marina di Bergeggi. The island is covered in shrubby bushes that are typical of Mediterranean vegetation with some special Ligurian plant species like Campanula sabatia. In rocky areas touched by sea spray you can find halophytes like samphire.In the underwater areas with deep, rocky cracks and caves you’ll find coralligenous species and in the waters off Bergeggi the sandy seabed has a meadow of Posidonia.Near the island there are many areas that have diverse colonies of sea animals growing on the rocky seabed. Divers can start off from the Canalone to see rocks covered in yellow cluster anemones and candelabra sponges like Axinella cannabina, at the “Franata” you can spot Discodoris astromaculata, and at the “Pifferaio” you can find mantis shrimp and squat lobsters (Galathea strigosa).

The Marine Area Protected

Founded in 2007, the Marine Protected Area is along the western coast in the Province of Savona, and surrounds the small island of Bergeggi, part of the township by the same name.

Buoys and signage around the zone A integral reserve are still being installed. The new rules and guidelines drawn up by the park’s managers have been submitted and are awaiting approval.

Useful Contacts

Comune di Bergeggi (Ente gestore)
via De Mari, 28/D – 17028 Bergeggi (SV)
tel. 019257901

Capitaneria di porto di Savona

By Boat

The pretty island is a cone of limestone covered in typical Mediterranean vegetation and is an excellent place to stop for the day.  The closest port is Savona. If you’re sailing west you can shelter at the port in Finale Ligure, that is run by the township but only has 2,40m draft. To the east, just 8nm away, you’ll find a new marina in Varazze.