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19 December 2023

From Castagnola Yacht comes the Heritage 9.9 US

Castagnola Yacht, the historic Lavagna (Genoa) shipyard, Francesco Rogantin’s Studio Names and Nauta Design. The partnership between these three excellences in shipbuilding, design and engineering has resulted in the new Heritage 9.9 US daycruiser, a refined and sporty option for short cruises, but also ideal as a superyacht tender.

The Heritage 9.9 (10.86 metres in length) is built with a special technology developed by Castagnola Yacht and conceived by Gabriele Maestri. This is the Wood in Tech Skin that combines solid mahogany planking with the lamination of a carbon fibre skin and epoxy resin coated with breathable paint.


Castagnola Yacht’s Heritage 9.9 is powered by two 6.6 litre General Motors-based V8 turbodiesels built by Bukh and engineered by Punch for a power output of 500 hp each and reaches a top speed of 45 knots. But development is already underway to replace the diesels with two hydrogen-powered engines within a couple of years.


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