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General Management

The Industry Association’s operational structure is organised into functional areas, each of which is overseen by its respective Manager, who reports to the General Manager and assists them in all ordinary responsibilities as determined by the Association’s Governing Bodies.

The General Manager, within the scope of their responsibilities, answers to the Association’s President and is expected to carry out the requirements of the Association’s President, President’s Council and General Council..

The General Manager:

a) supports the President, the President’s Council and the General Council throughout the execution of the Association’s representative duties during institutional and political activities and throughout all relevant representative and promotional activities both in Italy and abroad;

b) coordinates, in accordance with directives received from the President, the Association’s institutional relations service along with all relations with national political bodies and international organisations and, in particular, manages the Association’s relations with the General Italian Industry Confederation system and with other associations operating on a national level, with the aim to increase the Association’s representative role and develop new services and insight for Association Members;

c) proposes initiatives to the Association’s President and Governing Bodies to pursuit the Association’s objectives, such as the sector’s development and representing its interests;

d) coordinates, in accordance with directives received from the President, the Association’s core activities relating to institutional representation;

e) takes part in meetings of the General Assembly, the Assemblies of the various Product Sectors, the General Council and the President’s Council, and all other governing bodies and commissions as provided for by the Association Statute and regulations, without the right to vote, but in an advisory capacity, assisting the President in meetings and convening such meetings, preparing documents and drafting minutes;

f) is responsible for the correct functioning of the Association’s operational structure and internal organisation in terms of roles, responsibilities, objectives, competences, personnel development and administration, in accordance with the provisions as provided by the Association’s Governing Bodies and President;

g) is also responsible for integration between the various areas throughout the organisation, for the Association’s internal communication processes and for the coordination of relations with external consultants;

h) is, finally, responsible for administrative and financial management.