Porto Selvaggio’s coastline is one of the most beautiful and least contaminated in the Salento region. The rocky coast is low with many inlets and grottos some of which were once inhabited by Neanderthals. There are paths through a pine forest down to the sea where you’ll find typically Mediterranean plants like Alyssum leucadeum and Campanula versicolor.  The seabed has lots of submerged caves with coralligenous growths and red algae like Mesophyllum lichenoides and Pseudolithophyllum expansum. There are anthozoa like Parazoanthus axinellae and Astroides Calycularis and bryozoans like myriapora truncata, false coral and lots of colourful sponge species like Axinella cannabina. There are many diving spots like the underwater caves at Corvine and Inserraglio. Other good diving spots are the shipwreck of the Neuralia and the Parete di Porto Selvaggio, both easy to explore with sandy bottoms and Posidonia meadows with huge fan mussels (Pina nobilis).