The coast between Gallipoli and Punta Pizzo has many different and important natural habitats. The Isola di S. Andrea, a flat sheet of limestone that protrudes from the waters offGallipoli, is a protected habitat for samphire and plants native to the Salento region like Limonium japigicum. The island is also the only place where the Larus Audouinii gull nests. The beach between Lido di San Giovanni and Punta Pizzo has typical Mediterranea plants and some very rare species like Anthyllis hermanniaie, Anagyris foetida and Erica manipuliflora. Further inland there are rare wild orchid species. The seabed has Posidonia meadows. Some of the best diving spots are at the Isola di S. Andrea where the rocky seabed has rich coralligenous colonies. The Giardino delle Gorgonie and the Secca di Ponente have white sea-whip, bryozoans and fish like groupers, sea bream and moray eels. A must is a trip to Lido di Pizzo, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Salento region that you’ll find in the midst of a healthy pine forest.

By Boat

There are lots of marinas and docking spaces in the city of Gallipoli. Marina Blue Salento is in the commercial port and is large, well protected and accessible no matter what the weather. There are other docking options outside the breakwater. A little bit further north you’ll find

Porto Gaio, a privately owned and run marina. On the southern side you’ll see a picturesque canal where fishing boats dock: there is a pier run by the LNI there.