The coastal tract of this Marine Protected Area is part of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento and Vallo di Diano. These landscapes are among the most spectacular in the Med, with cliffs, bays, remote beaches and caves and grottoes that were eroded from the rock both above and below sea level. The most famous of these is the Grotta dell’Alabastro, that you can reach through an underwater passage to admire the inner “rooms” with alabaster formations, stalactites and stalagmites. The complex shapes and composition of the coastline provide a variety of habitats for marine wildlife. Pebbly seabeds have vast meadows of Posidonia oceanica where you can find fan mussels (Pinna nobilis); in steeper areas and in submarine landslides you can find biocenosis of sea corals. At 30 to 40m you can find red coral (Corallium rubrum,) especially at the “Secca Piccola”, a favourite spot for diving off Punta degli Infreschi.

Another popular diving spot is “Cala Monti di Luna”, where yellow cluster anemones cover the walls of a large underwater arch and there are also large fans of Paramuricea clavata.

Useful Contacts

Ente Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano
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Capitaneria di Porto competente per area
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By Boat

A series of high seaside cliffs goes all the way from Palinuro to Marina di Camerota. The port is right by the Marine Protected Area and is very well protected. Entering the port it’s important to be careful of the fisheries just south of the entrance. A cooperative runs a series of floating pontoons that are well equipped but practically always full. Further south you’ll find the beautiful bays of Cala Monte di Luna, with its silvery rocks, and the wide and large Cala Bianca. The remote beach at Cala degli Infreschi is well worth a visit and can only be reached by sea.
The area gets its name from underwater springs of cool fresh water. The bay is almost round and the waters in it are crystal clear. There is even a cave to explore. Towards the northeast there are some small bays where it’s nice to stop for a swim. The town of Scario, built along the port, is very picturesque (it can be dangerous to enter here if the winds are from the south though) and the town of Maratea is especially lovely.