17 June 2017: Grand Hotel Miramare Congress Center in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy


Innovation, competitiveness and export are the foundation to re-launch the yachting industry and to define its future.

Investing in traditional markets using a non-traditional approach.

The Ucina Satec Convention brings together entrepreneurs and select major Italian research & technological innovation hubs. In the very near future, building boats without using molds will become reality, while remote monitoring and predictive maintenance are already possible today. 

Italy confirms its position as the world’s premier exporter of the shipbuilding industry. Italian nautical companies boast positive growth trends – +18% in 2016.

President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti states, “the nautical sector is a key factor of the Italian industry and a strategic asset for the Region of Liguria. Over the next three years, Liguria will partner with Ucina to organize and promote major projects”.


Before the roundtable began, Carla Demaria, President of Ucina Confindustria Nautica, met with reporters to comment on the nautical market forecasted growth and projections for the upcoming Genova International Boat Show, which had been shared with UCINA members during a private meeting the previous day. “2016 showed important recovery signs that were also the result of several concrete proposals and the constructive dialogue initiated by UCINA Confindustria Nautica at an institutional level that have been underwritten by the Italian government over the past five years”, stated Demaria. “The positive trend has been confirmed by studies undertaken by Ucina Confindustria Nautica Ufficio Studi, which estimates a worldwide nautical turnover growth of +18% for the year 2016, an additional increase compared to the +13% forecasted at the UCINA shareholders’ meeting in December 2016. This trend will be officially confirmed at the Genova International Boat Show (21-26 September 2017) when we present the new edition of Nautica in Cifre (Boating in Numbers), the yearly publication of UCINA Confindustria Nautica that for the past two years has been outlined in partnership with the Fondazione Edison”, she concluded.


Demaria added that “The favorable numbers of the 57th edition of the International Boat Show organized by UCINA Confindustria Nautica in Genova on 21-26 September 2017, further endorse the new course of the nautical market: 92% of 2016 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation, with 51% of them asking to expand their exhibit space or range of boats on show. To date, 37 new exhibitors have confirmed their participation in the 2017 edition; well-known nautical Italian and international names that include Azimut Yachts, Gottifredi Maffioli, Volvo Penta, Sea Ray and Zodiac to name a few. The technical office of the International Boat Show has already redesigned the layout of the exhibition area, which has been optimized by increasing the occupancy rate both on land and in the Nuova Darsena”.

The roundtable kicked off with the opening remarks by representatives of various Institutions: Valerio Costa, Finance Councilor of Santa Margherita Ligure, Giovanni Toti, President of the Region of Liguria, Admiral Giovanni Pettorino, Maritime Director of Liguria – Genova Harbor Coast Guard and Paolo Emilio Signorini, President of the Port Authority of the West Ligurian Sea.

At the beginning of the debate, Luca Paolazzi, Director of the Confindustria Studies Center, stated, “The economic scenarios and market trends show a strong returning presence of traditional markets and significant export and expansion potential, particularly in the United States and also in the European Union”.

Case in point, information in Confindustria Studies Center’s annual publication “Exporting La Dolce Vita” shows that the United States is the world’s first market for Italian export with a potential growth for recreational yachting units worth 560 million Euro. The US boating market has exhibited an excellent recovery after the financial crisis, with a 6.7% annual growth in Euro in the 2011-2015 period. In the United States, Italy boasts the largest market share (23.3%), followed by Canada, France and Mexico. Over the past eight years, Italy has become market leader in the US: in 2007, Italy’s share accounted for 14.7% of the market, while Canada stood at 24.4%. The study “Exporting La Dolce Vita” analyses the centers of excellence in Confindustria including Federlegno Arredo, Fashion System, UCINA, Federorafi and many more.


Professor Marco Fortis, Vice President of Fondazione Edison – the Scientific partner of UCINA’s Confindustria Nautica “Nautica in Cifre” – also confirmed the data. The Professor of Industrial Economics and Foreign Trade at the Università Cattolica stated, “The studies carried out by the Fondazione Edison in collaboration with UCINA Confindustria Nautica concerning the importance of the national nautical industries in Europe and North America have confirmed the importance of the nautical sector in the Italian economy. Moreover, data has also highlighted Italy’s leading role in the international context”. Fortis then added, “The shipbuilding industry in Italy is made up by a mix of select large holdings and by a significant number of small and medium-sized enterprises, around 1,200 companies with $ 2.5 billion turnover. The Italian boating industry ranks second worldwide, just behind the US giant counting about 1,250 businesses with $ 5.9 billion turnover. One can safely say, therefore, that Italy accounts for about half of the world’s leading nautical industry. Another interesting aspect that emerges is the country’s role in the European yachting industry, shows Italy making its mark as the undisputed leader. In the nautical sector, Italy, France and Germany combined reach the size of the United States, generating a total turnover of $ 5.7 billion”.


In his remarks, Giorgio De Rita, Secretary General of Censis, analyzed the market from the point of view of the customers’ social profile and of the consumption and expenditure patterns of the Italian middle class. “The challenge is not that of the crisis of the middle class per se but rather of the transformation of Society”, De Rita stated. “As a result, companies that are part of a long supply chain and that belong to well-anchored territorial platforms will be successful. For example, Milan Expo 2015 has represented an extraordinary opportunity to highlight and to enhance the city of Milano not only as Italy’s finance capital but also as the hub of food, fashion and so on”, De Rita concluded.


Speakers who followed focused on the pressing issue of 4.0 Industry and illustrated which tools companies can use to reorganize and enhance brands, production, product and the distribution chain, keeping an eye on all opportunities, starting with market trends.


Marinella Levi, Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, in 2013 founded  + LAB, one of the most innovative 3D printing laboratories in the world. “The revolution – what I love to call 4.0 Manufacturing instead of 4.0 Industry – passes through the great opportunities offered by 3D printing. The difference is subtle, but what I wish to highlight is that we have to go back to doing, to manufacturing”, Levi explained. “We have adopted a multidisciplinary approach that is open to designing, to teaching and to exploring new areas of potential interest. The nautical sector has yet to grasp the tremendous opportunities offered by this technology, which enables boats to be produced without using molds. Consequences in both economic and productive terms are easily understood: sooner than what we can imagine today, it will be possible to print a complete 40 meter yacht in 3D”, Levi concluded.


Luca Dalla Villa, IBM Business Developer and Holonix Partner, explained that IoT (Internet of Things) would soon make it possible to monitor in real-time all the elements that make up a boat and that are subject to wear and tear through what is called predictive maintenance.


Jacopo Cassina, CEO of Holonix, the spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano, dealing with technological innovation, stated “Well done” means ‘manufacturing’ with a high quality that grows over time and that must seek constant innovation. We focus on production management, which for example, is adapted to weather conditions in real time and at the same time, we study how the boat is used. The goal is to connect the real world and virtual world in order to create innovative and high quality products”.


Alberto Nobis, DHL Italia Managing Director: “Innovation also means optimizing processes and reducing costs. Let me give you an example: Ducati eliminated stock in warehouses in the United States and around the world already seven years ago. Ducati spare parts are distributed worldwide by DHL in 24 hours using the time zone that allows us to receive the order at night and deliver it in just a few hours”.


Carla Demaria thanked all the speakers and added, “The aim of the roundtable was to trace a path for the industry of leisure yachting and to revitalize the great potential of a sector of excellence in Italian manufacturing. The positive market trends and the initiatives supporting nautical businesses must be sustained by industrial projects. Companies must seize every opportunity and find new keys to deal with and interpret markets that are changing profoundly. Over the past two days, , businesses have had the opportunity to connect with some of Italy’s leading research and innovation hubs to study the many applications that have already been patented and are being developed in order then to personalize them to their needs“.


During the private UCINA Assembly that took place on 16 June 2017, 35 new associates were announced: Advanced, Agenziamagnum, Allegra, Apreafratelli, Aregai, Ascon, Asd, Cantieri di Ostia, Castalia, Dhl, Fiart rent, Hightechnology, Hpm, Ida, Leghe Leggere Campanella, Marina di Sanlorenzo, Med, Micad, Modelplast, Motonautica Luchetti, Mp network, Nadirmarine, Nauticaservice, Portosole Sanremo, Promat, Ptmarine, Rancraft engineering, Rossi fratelli, Seaguard, Slam, Tecnoseal, Tordimare, Tormarine, Tornado, Zodiac.


Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, 17 June 2017




UCINA CONFINDUSTRIA NAUTICA is the maritime industry association member of Confindustria which since 1967 has been the institutional representative of the entire nautical chain, from shipbuilding and components to services and tourism. With 312 member companies, UCINA represents over 80% of the Italian nautical industry, 65% of the total Italian yachting turnover and works to promote marine industry growth, also by supporting legislative proposals, by collecting and disseminating industry data, by advancing the diffusion of maritime culture and by encouraging the development nautical tourism.

UCINA operates on an institutional level as a privileged interlocutor with political, social and government representatives. It is also a member of Confindustria, Federturismo, Federazione del Mare, Comitato Fiere Industria, Fondazione Edison, Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile, sharing their principles and actions. Internationally, UCINA is present in the governing bodies of the World and European Federations, ICOMIA and EBI.

In line with its goal to promote the maritime industry, through the company I Saloni Nautici, UCINA organizes the Genova International Boat Show, a leading event worldwide and a showcase of Made in Italy.



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