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Italian Marine Industry Association

Italian Marine Industry is the non-profit association which since 1967 has represented the industries and businesses of the pleasure boating sector, working for the development of the nautical sector, promoting the culture of the sea and the development of nautical tourism in Italy.

Italian Marine Industry since 1967 has the task of supporting and promoting the development of pleasure boating, a sector counted among our excellences in the world, with a supply chain made up of entrepreneurs capable of innovating, understanding and responding to the transformations of a changing market.

Italian Marine Industry, is based in Genoa and Rome and is a member of CONFINDUSTRIA, as a trade association for the pleasure boating, industry, trade and services sector.

Nell’ambito della promozione della nautica e del Made in Italy Italian Marine Industry aderisce inoltre a Federazione del Mare, Federturismo, Comitato Fiere Industria, Fondazione Edison, Symbola, Fondazione Sviluppo sostenibile, Cluster MinIT con le quali condivide principi e azioni.

It operates on an institutional level as a subject of confrontation with the political and government forces. On an international level, Italian Marine Industry participates with its representatives in Icomia and in EBI (European Boating Industry) for the promotion of world and European boating.

Italian Marine Industry provides for the collection, processing and dissemination of trend data from the industrial sector and nautical tourism both in relation to the internal and international markets, which Italian production successfully addresses. It also promotes the technical and economic development of the sector through the development of research, publications and the organization of studies, debates and conferences.

Italian Marine Industry organises events to promote the sector and boating in the area: the Genoa International Boat Show, the Design Innovation Award, the National Sea Day, the Sailor of the Year and the Satec Convention with the Nautical Pioneer Award which completes a rich annual program of traveling conferences on the main topics of the sector.

To its members, gathered in the various sectors of production, trade and services, Italian Marine Industry offers assistance, protection, information, representation and provides association consultancy of both a technical and regulatory nature.

As part of its activities in favor of training, the Italian Marine Industry offers refresher programs for the industry and professional qualification for young people who choose boating. Lastly, Italian Marine Industry is a constantly updated source of information for the nautical world through the portal confindustrianautica.net.