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Italian Marine Industry Association

The Italian Marine Industry Association, Confindustria Nautica, is the national non-profit institution that since 1967 has represented the interests of the entire yachting supply chain on a national and international level, dedicated to encouraging and enabling the growth of the sector’s businesses, promoting marine culture and developing nautical tourism across Italy.

Since 1967, the Italian Marine Industry Association has been devoted to supporting and promoting the development of the yachting sector, a crown jewel of Made in Italy excellence worldwide, with a supply chain made up of entrepreneurs capable of innovating, understanding and responding to the transformations of an ever-changing market.

The Italian Marine Industry Association is based at its headquarters in Genoa and Rome and is an active member of the General Confederation of Italian Industry, acting as the reference trade association for the yachting sector, from manufacturing and commerce to services.

As part of the Italian Marine Industry’s commitment to promoting the yachting sector and Made in Italy manufacturing, we also play an active role as member of Italian Marine Federation, the Italian Tourism Federation, the Italian Trade Fairs Committee, the Edison Foundation, Symbola, the Sustainable Development Foundation, and Italy’s National Tech Cluster for Made in Italy production MinIT, all key institutions with which the Italian Marine Industry Association shares both its principles and initiatives.

As the sector’s institutional point of reference, the Italian Marine Industry Association operates in open dialogue with the government and relevant political bodies. On an international level, the Association also plays an active role representing Italy in the International Council of Marine Industry Associations ICOMIA and European Boating Industry Federation EBI, with whom the Association works constantly to promote the yachting sector globally.

Initiatives provided by the Italian Marine Industry Association include the collection, processing and dissemination of industry data gathered from throughout the yachting supply chain and nautical tourism segment, in relation to both domestic and international markets. It also promotes the technical and economic development of the sector through the development of research projects, publications, in-depth studies, debates and conferences.

Every year, the Italian Marine Industry Association organises a brimming programme of international events to promote the yachting industry in Italy and abroad, including the Genoa International Boat Show, Design Innovation Award, Italy’s National Sea Day, the Sailor of the Year Award, the Satec Convention and Boating Pioneer Award, all adding to a year-round calendar of international events devoted to the industry’s latest developments and most pressing issues.

The Italian Marine Industry Association will also provide a plethora of services to assist, safeguard, and inform its members from across the various production, commercial and service segments, offering technical consultancy and regulatory expertise.

As part of its activities designed to support training opportunities, the Italian Marine Industry Association offers refresher courses for those operating across the industry and professional qualifications for younger generations who choose to develop their own career in the world of yachting. Furthermore, the Italian Marine Industry Association is a constantly updated source of key information for the yachting world, available on the official website at confindustrianautica.net