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Communications and Promotional activities

Through its Communications and Promotional department, the Italian Marine Industry Association provides Members with a number of means to support their visibility.

Press Office activities

  • Gathering and selecting key news items that may be used for proactive activities towards media relations, whether industry-specific press or general;

  • Promoting the major events that involve the Italian Marine Industry Association and its Members;

  • Developing and maintaining all media relations that are essential for managing communications with regards to activities organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association and promoting the industry’s most pressing issues

  • Organising press events

  • Developing advertising campaigns

  • Managing relations with media partners of strategic importance for the industry.

Internal communications aimed at Association Members

  • Distribution of Industry Association press releases and press reviews by monitoring Italy’s most influential industry-specific and general media outlets

  • Development of periodic newsletters containing technical, regulatory and tax-related updates and a weekly fiscal review;

  • Development of communication guidelines for Industry Association Members.