Confindustria Nautica (The Italian Marine Industry Association) participates in the CLIA Cruise Week – Europa (Genova, Piazzale Kennedy 1, 11 – 14 march 2024) – to increase the spread of the Italian yachting sector’s Made in Italy through the global cruise industry, engaging companies of various production under its group exhibition.

By establishing a direct link with CLIA (Cruise Line International Association), Confindustria Nautica ensures new business opportunities in the ship supply field to its collective and positions its booth as a shared area where its members are guaranteed the opportunity to network with international companies.


(Stand No. 1112)


Established in 1969, Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers is an important market leader in the international maritime sector. Always focused on the development of products and technologies that optimize performance and improve life on board, Gianneschi offers a complete range of pumps, blowers, boilers, autoclaves, motor pumps, compressors and shutters for yachts and megayachts from 20 to 120 m, but also for work boats and small military boats.

Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers products are appreciated for their high level of quality and performance but also for the numerous applications for which they can be used on board.

The BMA-S series, single stage enblock pumps, are self-priming double-volute centrifuges with high flow rates. The good self-priming capacity, ensured by the special design of the pump body with extended impeller hub that covers the motor shaft, allows the use of an oversized mechanical seal in order to decrease the possibility of blocking and contact between the motor shaft and water.

The CB series are centrifugal pumps with open impeller designed for reaching high performance with low energy consumption. The Gianneschi CB40 “Air-X” centrifugal pump series have an integrated air bubble expulsion system which makes it suitable for services where there is the need to expel small air bubbles present in the system. The standard centrifugal series are not self-priming pumps with direct motor-pump coupling and single shaft capable of delivering large flow rates at medium pressures ideal for transfer and circulation services. The high quality materials (like Bronze, Stainless Steel) together with other features, make it particularly suitable for use on Yachts–Megayachts and work boats.


From the manufacture of AMERIGO VESPUCCI  sails to the design and the creation of personal
protective equipment for crews of most modern boats of AMERICA’S CUP CLASS and FIV athletes.
In short, this is the history of a company founded in GENOA IN 1926 from the ancient knowledge
handed down from a chief sailmaker.
Today, after many years of activities and many transformations, VELERIA SAN GIORGIO is the best-known Italian company in the field of life jacket design and production.
With its experience, VELERIA SAN GIORGIO has marked the Italian yachting history, living the lead role during the different steps of a market in continuous development and always guaranteeing INNOVATION and QUALITY for its customers.
Decade after decade, hundreds of cruise ships of the biggest companies in the world and thousands of pleasure boats sailing the seas around the world, have chosen Veleria San Giorgio products.

Automatic compact inflatable lifejacket for adults with automatic activator SAA Single Automatic Activator. Homologated and certified according to SOLAS M.E.D., suitable as on board equipment for ships adopting M.E.D. rules under SOLAS convention. PE vacuum package with tear strip opening. Closing system with quick release buckle made in acetalic resin with integrated adjustment. Equipped with Buddy System. Inflatable lifejacket designed to maximize efficiency, encumbrance and minimize costs.

Portable kit to make the periodical service of inflatable lifejackets. Made to ensure correct measurements. Dedicated just to VSG Authorized Service Stations. The kit includes: analog manometer, precision digital manometer, connection pipe, IN-OUT connectors with preset. Black case made in PP MD10. Dimensions 48x22x42 cm. Weight 9 kgs.


The commitment and expertise of a family has evolved towards industrial excellence, throughout more than half a century and three generations: one of the few real foundries has become a forge of ideas and cradle of new creative and productive processes, a benchmark for the supply of nautical accessories and more. Today, thanks to new plant in Adro, the research and passion which made Foresti & Suardi outstanding are on stage also at the heart of Franciacorta district. In 2001, the acquisition of Azur Inox Marine, based in Saint Raphael (France) allowed Foresti & Suardi to make a stand on French market of premium Made in Italy goods, through one of its more prestigious dealers.

Montisola collection is a modem and refined reinterpretation of the classic “film director chair”: solid, comfortable and practical, it relies on details and materials, along with perfect balance between wooden and metal elements, to express its soul, made of luxury and elegance. The teak structure develops on a generous squared section with all terminal parts, junctions and joints made of chromed brass. In these parts, wooden elements are grafted and artworked resulting in a final effect of material transition, giving further style and refinement to the whole.

Minimalism, visual lightness, elegance and comfort. These are the principles having inspired the Iseo series, whose flagship product is the small folding armchair, made of curved teak wood and trapezoidal section. The design features elegant and essential lines in an orderly and balanced game, blending with the curves in a harmonic solution of continuity. The synthetic 30 mesh mattress, internally lined, grants ventilation and rapid drying, thus freshness, hygiene and comfort on the skin. Avoiding meanwhile the formation of mold, the persistence of odours and sweat halos.


VULKAN Italia studies, designs and supplies technologies for noisevibrations and shock control for marine sector.

We prefer the sound of the sea, so we go directly to the heart of the noise: we design, build and take care of the best vibro-acoustic solution for your comfort.

SO.CO.VE.NA & MAPLA s.r.l.

It was 1976 in Milan when Paolo Sironi, a sea enthusiast, founded Socovena & Mapla.
Supported by capable employees, the company’s growth has been remarkable, becoming a benchmark for the production and marketing of eco-leather and upholstery fabrics.
The Company has kept the secret of its success unchanged: colors and texture always in step with market trends, an extraordinary assortment of fabrics 100% made in Italy, and service based on courtesy, professionalism and reliability.
In 2022, after the passing of Paolo Sironi, his partner Davide Amoruso, who shared the same entrepreneurial spirit, took the helm of the company, projecting it into new markets.

Discover Italian excellence in nautical upholstery with Socovena & Mapla’s catalogs. This section will guide you through a rich selection of high-quality eco-leather and fabrics designed to upholster any marine environment in style. From classic to innovative fabrics, each product reflects craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ideal for cushions, covers, flooring and upholstery, these catalogs offer you endless possibilities for personalizing your boating experience with a touch of Italian-style luxury and comfort.