We consider necessary to provide some clarifications on the actual situation in Italy following the spread of the COVID-19 in the last week, following the unjustified hysteria scenario reported by the Italian and international media.

The “red zone” is an area of only 10 small municipalities in Lombardy and Veneto Regions that have been isolated. The northern Regions have precautionarily closed schools and public events for one week to to prevent the contagion from spreading to other areas. These health measures appear to be effective as there have been no new outbreaks of the epidemic elsewhere in Italy.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Italy have grown in the last few days, reaching 400 cases, of which just 200 confirmed (WHO source), because almost 10000 tests have been carried out among the people who have been in contact with the patients (Updated h. 12:00 PM). Nevertheless, for the vast majority of positives the symptoms are absent or minimal and the health measures only provide for a 14-day self-isolation at home. It should be also noted that in other European countries the number of tests carried out is much more limited and in some cases the results are not disclosed to the public.

This senseless media circulation, in the context of an absolutely ordinary general situation, is causing serious problems to the Italian economy, both in terms of industry and tourism, as well as major damage to the nation’s image.

As for the marine industry, it is important to underline that the Made in Italy production continues without any problem and that orders are definitely guaranteed.

The damages that have been recorded so far by our companies do not generally concern the measures to contain the virus in Italy, but those related to the Far-East, from which derive, in some cases, delayed or missing supplies of raw materials or components due to some restrictions in trade.

In conclusion, it is wise to wait for the evolution of the issue without alarm, given that the Italian Administration has put in place control measures that are perhaps even excessive compared to the real emergency. However, in the first week of March many security measures are likely to be reduced in view of the improving health situation.

Unfortunately, making news often prevails over rationality.