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14 April 2023

Baglietto presents Bzero and its Power Station

“Bzero Working for an evolving future”. This was the title of the conference in La Spezia at which Baglietto presented the progress made by the shipyard in the field of new sustainable energy solutions for the yachting sector and the PowerStationBzero, which will be used to develop operational procedures, optimise technical aspects and obtain the appropriate certifications.

Bzero, the first B in Baglietto’s value system to use green hydrogen as an energy source, today sees the creation of a prototype of the system that will be optimally installed, on Baglietto yachts measuring over 50 metres.

The Bzero project,” commented Diego Michele Deprati, Baglietto’s CEO, “confirms Baglietto’s pioneering vision and its strong commitment to an increasingly sustainable and green yachting industry and to being an active and proactive part of the inevitable energy transition process. The BZero Power Station is our promise fulfilled“.

The BZero project,” stressed Fabio Ermetto, Baglietto’s Sales Director, “is an important journey towards tomorrow’s knowledge. With this technology on board, in fact, it will be possible to achieve zero emissions up to 75h at anchor and reach 120 nautical miles at 7 knots. The combined use of hydrogen and batteries will make it possible to obtain 4 times more available energy than the use of current batteries, with undeniable economic advantages for owners as well“.

Bzero’s presentation conference, attended by students from the Nautical Institute and university students from the Nautical Engineering degree course in La Spezia, was also attended by Giancarlo Orsini, an expert in innovation and technology, who discussed the megatrends towards which society is moving and why being aware of them is essential to seize the opportunities.

Baglietto’s Bzero project involved six top players in design and development based in Italy: Arco Technologies, Bluenergy, Revolution, Enapter, H2Boat and Siemens Energy as well as RINA as the certifying body throughout all stages of the project.


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