The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organisation founded in 1967 aimed at encouraging marine culture and boating tourism while also developing and promoting the boating sector, where Italy maintains its role as a global leader of international industry, with a supply chain of innovative entrepreneurs who constantly demonstrate their ability to understand and respond to the market’s continuous transformations.

The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, with its headquarters in Genoa, is a member of the Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry) and holds an active role in the Confederation’s Transportation Committee as well as its Infrastructure Committee.

While promoting the industry and the world-renowned Made in Italy brand, the Italian Marine Industry Association also acts as an active member of the Italian Marine Federation, the Italian Tourism Federation, the Italian Trade Fair Committee, the Edison Foundation, Symbola, the Sustainable Development Foundation, with whom the Association shares in principal and actions.

The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION interacts on an institutional level with political, social and governmental forces. On an international level, the Association plays an active role in ICOMIA (the International Council of Marine Industry Associations) and EBI (European Boating Industry) to promote boating across the world and throughout Europe.

The Association maintains active relationships with the Italian Ministries for Infrastructures, Transport, Economic Development, the Environment, Economics and Finance, and with the European Community in relation to the acknowledgment and uniform implementation of rules and regulations on the subject of pleasure boating.

The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION offers assistance, protection, information and representation to its members operating across the various sectors of production, sales and services, while also providing associative consulting of a technical and regulatory nature.
As part of its institutional work in representing the industrial boating sector, the ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION gathers, processes and distributes data on the sector’s performance and trends in relation to both the domestic market and the international market, where the world-leading Made in Italy brand continues to be a global beacon for the industry. The Association also encourages the technical and economic development of the sector through the production of market studies, publications and research, debates and conferences.

The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION’s primary objective is the development and promotion of the boating sector, and thus the ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION seeks to encourage the spread of marine culture and boating tourism throughout Italy. The Association’s international communications are supported by an intense marketing campaign that aims to promote Italian products across all major international magazines under the heading “Buy Italian”. A brand that brings to the world a unique example of class and elegance, combined with the cutting-edge technology and innovation at the heart of the Italian boating industry.

In addition to taking part in the leading international shows, the ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION also promotes boating tourism in Italy. The Association has launched many initiatives with the international press aimed at promoting the boating industry across the world.

The ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION also holds the world-class showcase known as the Genoa International Boat Show, the largest event in the world dedicated to boating and knowledge of the sea.

Moreover, the ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION acts a key source of information that is continually updated on its portal, a portal which this year has been renewed and enriched with fresh and interesting content.
Finally, the Association also organises the ITALIAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Satec Convention with an events calendar brimming with talks and debates focused on the very latest and most pressing topics for the boating industry.

With regards to its role as a key source of information and training, the Italian Marine Industry Association offers refresher courses for the industry and professional qualifications for young enthusiasts who have chosen a career in boating.