The fourth day of the 60th Genoa International Boat Show kicked off with all tickets sold out for the second day running. Excellent footfall, well within the health and safety parameters put in place for the largest event on the Mediterranean.

Record numbers are also watching the world-class trade fair live on the official TV channel at and on the website:°_SaloneNautico_sole_24_ore. Live streams every day along with interviews, conference reports, products and all the latest from the Yachting industry.

As the only Boat Show able to take place in Europe during the Covid-19 crisis, the event has become another shining symbol of Italy’s sense of social responsibility, determination, conviction and know-how in these complicated times.

Inspired by the same impetus of innovation and courage, the boat “Mambo” was presented today by the start-up behind the concept MOI Composites during a panel event focused on “The art of making impossible vessels possible – Project Mambo”.

The panel was chaired by Marinella Levi – Politecnico di Milano and Co-founder of Moi Composites srl, who was joined by Michele Tonizzo – CTO and Co-founder of Moi Composites srl, Gabriele Natale – CEO and Co-founder of Moi Composites srl, Francesco Fiorentino – Composites Specialist for Micad srl, Gabriele Totisco – CEO of Catmarine srl, Alberto Emilio Osculati – Executive Director of Osculati srl, Alessandro Conti – General Manager of Brunswick Marine Italia spa and Stefano Pagani Isnardi – Managing Director of the Italian Marine Industry Association’s Market Analysis Department.

Mambo is a motor-powered trimaran measuring 6.50 metres in length, created with the so-called additive manufacturing process, an innovative production system that creates components, semi-produced or finished, via 3D printing. The construction process for Mambo, unlike the usual methods, sees the creation of a model and therefore a mould in which to laminate the boat. This allows for the formation of a hull with concave and convex forms, forms that traditionally would require the creation of separate moulds for the various sections of the hull which in turn would need to be connected together: an obstacle that has now been overcome by 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Tomorrow, Monday 5th October, at 4.00pm, Mambo will be launched at the Genoa Boat Show. Godmother of the cutting-edge model’s launch will be Carla Demaria, CEO of I Saloni Nautici.

The protection of the marine environment took centre stage with the slow food conference “SLOW FISH. A slow food campaign to understand our oceans”, organised in partnership with the Liguria Region. Oceans, rivers and lakes are at the heart of this slow food fishing strategy, particularly their resources considered as common heritage of humanity, which implies the recovery of a sense of collective responsibility in order to respond to the impact on all sectors, including activities on land focused on the marine environment, and to the need to access and manage in an equal and sustainable manner our aquatic resources.

The day’s events dedicated to defending the marine environment continued with the international call-to-arms aimed at sailors and boating enthusiasts during the 24th edition of Operation Delphis 2020, organised by the Battibaleno Association under the patronage of the European Parliament, the City of Imperia, the Region of Liguria, the National Presidency of the Lega Navale Italiana, Assonautica Italiana and the Italian Sailing Federation.

Joining the crowds today was Giacomo Agostini, winner of 15 world motorcycle championships, who visited the Boat Show to the surprise of his many fans strolling through the stands. “I try to come to the Boat Show in Genoa every year since motors, whatever kind, are my passion – a very excited Agostini told us – even though I have to say I feel more at home on two wheels, I never go too fast when I’m on the water. I lived for years on Lake Iseo. I love the still waters of lakes, but the sea is something different, my wife and I never say no to a boat trip at sea.”

The spotlight then shifted to Italy and the Made in Italy brand for the event “Discussing excellence. The Boero Group with the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Universal Expo”. Special guests included Giovanni Soldini, skipper and ocean sailor, and Elisabetta Maffei, web star and solo sailor.

Another example of cutting-edge innovation is the Hydrofoil Bike, the world’s first aquatic e-bike, produced in New Zealand by the company Manta5 and showcased at the Genoa International Boat Show by the Italian start-up Aquaride, exclusive distributor for Italy and Switzerland. Halfway between a bicycle and a hydrofoil, this ground-breaking concept was designed to offer the sensation of riding a bike on water.

The events of Monday 5th October

11.00am – 12.30pm: Conference: The Italian Navy in the depths of the Arctic Sea – presenting the scientific data gathered by the High North 20 research campaign – organised by the Italian Navy’s Hydrographic Institute (Breitling Theatre)

11.30am: Leasing Forum: “Leasing: the engine driving the country’s economy” – the annual conference that focuses on the latest regulatory developments to support companies’ investments – Organised by the Italian Leasing Association (Mezzanine Floor, Blue Pavilion) – Streamed live

12.30 – 2.30pm: Don’t call them rubber dinghies – The innovation in technology, design and production processes applied to such an important market segment for recreational and professional boating in Italy – Organised by ATENA Lombardia, under the patronage of the Italian Marine Industry Association (Breitling Theatre) – Streamed live

2.30pm: Yachting & Tax: the traditional event dedicated to expanding on current tax, customs and industry regulations – organised by the Italian Marine Industry Association (Mezzanine Floor, Blue Pavilion) – Streamed live

3.00 – 5.00pm: Foiling the Future: An in-depth analysis and debate over the latest foiling systems, featuring designers, companies and sailors – Organised by ATENA Lombardia in partnership with the Master course in Yacht Design at the Politecnico di Milano and The Foiling Week and held under the patronage of the Italian Marine Industry Association (Breitling Theatre) – Streamed live

4.00pm: Launching “Mambo”, the world’s first 3D-printed boat (Harbour)

5.00 – 6.30pm: Breitling for the Ocean, with Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil, and Roberto D’Amico, Italian Surfing Champion (Breitling Theatre).

Genoa Boat Show TV – 60th edition

Check out our TV guide for all live streams on Monday 5th October:

11.30am: Leasing Forum: ” Leasing: the engine driving the country’s economy “

12.30 – 2.30pm: Don’t call them rubber dinghies – The innovation in technology, design and production processes applied to this boating segment in Italy

2.30pm: Yachting and Tax

3.00 – 5.00pm: Foiling the Future: An in-depth analysis and debate over the latest foiling systems, featuring designers, companies and sailors