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21 August 2023

63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – Tuccoli gets a makeover and launches new models

New facilities, corporate structure and boats for Tuccoli, the historic Tuscan shipyard based in Collesalvetti founded in 1970, with brand new models ready to be showcased at this year’s 63rd Genoa International Boat Show. The first change, along with the new size of the shipyard which will grow from 1200 to as much as 3300 square meters of floor space, is the new corporate structure with the creation of Tuccoli Marine and Tuccoli Technology.

Tuccoli Marine takes over from Tuccoli Fishing and Cruising Boats and will be developed into four product lines: Fishing, with boats designed specifically for fishing activities, Cruising with cruising boats for those who enjoy travelling, and Custom with boats tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual customer.

Completing Tuccoli Marine’s offer is the Professional line with boats designed and built to meet the challenges of working at sea and is aimed at professionals, moorers and dock workers and stems from the experience of working with the Livorno Port Pilot Corps.

Alongside the new corporate organization are two new units which will make their debut in Genoa. First, the Tuccoli T250 Capraia Cala Rossa equipped with a new deck featuring a larger sundeck and a more spacious, full-height cabin.

The second brand new design bearing the signature of Italian yacht design is defined by the shipyard as, “a unit that will be able to truly captivate the public’s attention with technical and design solutions never seen before.”


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