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11 September 2023

63rd Genoa International Boat Show News – From Ingemar, the new MARINA4ALL pontoon

Ingemar, technical sponsor of the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show, presents a new demonstration pontoon from the MARINA4ALL project equipped with special devices and aids to promote the maximum comfort of access even for people with reduced mobility and equipped with special filtering sections to continue to develop tests on the passive cleaning of the waters of the docks.

The MARINA4ALL project, developed by Ingemar in cooperation with Madeit4a in Viareggio and Test1Solutions of Brescia, has led to the creation of the pontoons of tomorrow, and at the Genoa Boat Show a special 40 m2 floating structure will welcome Marco Rossato and Igor Macera on 24th September. The two sailors with reduced mobility, Marco Rossato and Igor Macera, will sail their Tornavento, a boat powered by wind, photovoltaic, and electric propulsion, to Genoa to conclude their journey that since June has taken them to 30 Italian marinas.

The new pontoon, developed by Ingemar as part of the MARINA4ALL project, has a lowered freeboard and is equipped with a special crane to facilitate use by people with motor difficulties and a section at water level that incorporates a new globally patented absorbent material to filter the surrounding water.


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