A clear focus on opportunities inspired by the Blue Economy throughout the events organised for today’s visitors by the Liguria Region and Liguria International in the Blue Pavilion.  “Liguria, Capital of the Blue Economy – placing the sea at the heart of the region’s economy: innovative strategies, policies aimed at development, businesses and important events throughout Liguria”, opened the penultimate day of the Boat Show, with guest speakers Piero Formenti, Vice President of the Italian Marine Industry Association and Regional Council Member for the Economic Development of the Liguria Region Andrea Benveduti. These important themes were continued in the afternoon with “Liguria: A Boating Hub – urban development and the ongoing transformation of Liguria, the new Genoa Waterfront, the Silos Hennebique and the Blue Mile Project – La Spezia for Boating”, accompanied by an opening statement from the President of the Italian Marine Industry Association Saverio Cecchi and the presence of the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, President of the Liguria Regional Government Giovanni Toti, the President of the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Paolo Emilio Signorini and the Mayor of La Spezia Pierluigi Peracchini. The panel focused primarily on current ongoing projects across the region aimed at enhancing and integrating opportunities and resources tied to the sea and the boating industry, strengthening the foundations for a balanced development of the Liguria region.

Saverio Cecchi: “We have now reached the fifth day of the Genoa International Boat Show and, even after a weekend that was completely sold-out, today’s event continues to see a successful turnout of industry professionals and enthusiasts along with contracts signed. Tomorrow, during the Closing Press Conference, we will reveal this year’s figures. Once the Boat Show is over, the Waterfront construction work will intensify and a weekly technical meeting will take place between the Municipality of Genoa, the Port System Authority, the Italian Marine Industry Association and CDS, aimed at ensuring the compatibility of the construction’s future progress with the organisational demands of the 2022 Genoa International Boat Show.”

“Financial paths at sea, the PNRR opportunities” is the title of the conference organised by ASSILEA (The Italian Leasing Association) to analyse just how much the leasing sector, marinas and green machinery producers are able to carry forward the National Recovery Plan’s provisions together, in view of a cooperative approach to development.

The event took place in the Forum Hall where panel speakers included Luigi Macchiola, General Manager of Assilea, alongside Assileas’s Head of Research and Statistics Department, Beatrice TibuzziRoberto Perocchio, President of Assomarinas, Angelo Brigatti, CEO of SelmaBipiemme Leasing, Fabio Piacentini, Head of Commercial Services for BPER Leasing – Sardaleasing, Carolina Franceschini, CertiNergia – Engie Group, Franco Giacotti, WaterFrontLab Coordinator.

“At the Genoa International Boat Show we are used to discussing the leasing sector – stated Luigi Macchiolahowever, the industry has many other areas in which it could express its full potential as a driving force for the current recovery. On the basis of today’s analysis, we have been able to demonstrate how the leasing sector, that of marinas and the industry as a whole have the capacity to collaborate in view of developing key provisions at the centre of the National Recovery Plan for marinas with the potential to become a green and sustainable choice.”

Today also saw a state visit to the 61st Genoa International Boat Show from Principal Commercial Counselor, Tany Cole, welcomed by Vice President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Andrea Razeto who proceeded to hold a press conference in the Genoa Boat Show Press Office: “The Made in Italy brand represents innovation through design, choice of materials and technology. It is a perfect mix of these unique qualities. The Genoa International Boat Show is an essential tool for businesses to promote their products. Part of the reason we are able to export so much is because we are able to showcase our designs to the world at the Genoa Boat Show. As for the boating equipment and components sector specifically, we are currently working hard to develop further opportunities for exposure in a B2B logic bringing even more international professionals and businesses to Genoa “.

This morning’s events calendar also included a Conference organised by ASSONAT as part of the 6th National Marine Economy Day, where the Frosinone and Latina Chamber of Commerce presented their 9th National Marine Economy Report promoted by “Informare” and processed by the G. Tagliacarne Research Centre and Unioncamere, a highly anticipated event for the entire industry. The presentation was followed by a Workshop dedicated to Blue Growth, organised by Assonautica, Informare and Assonat, where the “sea system” took centre stage as a resource and driving force for growth, employment and innovation, underlining the multiplying effect of the marine economy.

The Breitling Theatre saw the presentation of the MyOrango Contest – Limone Piemonte, dedicated to promoting smart working, the winners of which are awarded with a workation experience in Piedmont, with a series of activities included. After the Contest presentation, another presentation followed: that of the Alba cart, an Italian 100% green project for sustainable mobility, entirely eco-friendly, designed to encourage a means of transport capable of reducing atmospheric and noise pollution.

The afternoon saw two further presentations, this time relating to offshore sailing: the 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar regatta and the foil Mini Maxi project FlyingNikka. The 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar is one of the most important regattas on the Mediterranean – 250 boats were registered last year – and, as is tradition, the next edition, the 13th since its conception, was presented at the Genoa International Boat Show. The event is scheduled to take place on 2nd June with contestants setting sail from Livorno to cross the finish line at Punta Ala. Roberto Lacorte, President of the Yacht Repubblica Marinara di Pisa and CEO of the pharmaceutical company that supports the regatta, under the brand name Cetilar, and Giovanni Lombardi, Sports Director of the Yacht Club Livorno, with the President of the Yacht Club Punta Ala Alessandro Masini who was able to join the presentation remotely, illustrated the details of an event that is now on every offshore enthusiast’s calendar.

After the presentation came to an end, Roberto Lacorte remained on stage and was joined by famous sailors Lorenzo BressaniEnrico Zennaro and Alessio Razeto, to present the FlyingNikka project, the first sailboat belonging to the Mini Maxi category to feature a foiling system, following in the footsteps of the models used for the latest edition of the America’s Cup. A cutting-edge design, currently being built in Valencia and scheduled to be finally ready next April, ready to take part in the Mediterranean’s most important offshore regattas, with the aim to fly over the waves at over 50 knots of speed.

Closing today’s Breitling Theatre bill was the #Squad on a mission event, organised by the Theatre’s own brand: Breitling. The event saw surfer and brand ambassador Roberto D’Amico discuss the important topic of sustainability, something Breitling is committed to supporting with concrete action and key partnerships. D’Amico was joined on stage by Vincenzo Nibali, cyclist and testimonial of the Breitling Champions Squad, Elisa Balsamo, cyclist, and Gian Maria Gabbiani, race car driver.

This afternoon, in connection to the 61st Genoa International Boat Show, the non-profit organisation Porto dei Piccoli held a special event at Genoa’s Porto Antico in partnership with the Genoa Coast Guard where children from the Gaslini Pediatric Hospital were accompanied onboard the brand new addition to the Coast Guard fleet “DE GRAZIA”, the latest boat to be launched by the Port Authority, which saluted the Genoa Boat Show during the opening ceremony on 16th September.


Breitling Theatre | Teatro del Mare

10:00 – 11:00 am: Presentation: 25th edition of “Operation Delphis”, Organised by the Battibaleno Association

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Solidarity in Boating, Organised by Lega Navale Italiana

12:00 – 1:20 pm: Mercedes Event

Blue Pavilion

10:30 am: Italian boating heritage. From UniGE to FIBaS research that creates value, organised by the Marine Centre – University of Genoa and FIBaS – Innovation Hall

12:30 pm: Genoa International Boat Show Closing Press Conference Press Office

61st Genoa International Boat Show Press Office


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