A sunny and exciting second to last day today at the 59th Genoa International Boat Show. Visitors made the most of the good weather to explore the piers, try out motorboats and have fun with the thrilling Sea experience events. Key conferences and technical workshops occupied the Show’s seminar halls all day, focusing on a variety of aspects at the heart of the world of boating and the sea, looking to the future.

ASSILEA Conference – Leasing Forum

At the Leasing Forum, held by ASSILEA in the afternoon, main themes were that of smart mobility, the future of boating, the market and boating with regards to the energy issue. Speakers included Luigi Macchiola, Director General of ASSILEA, Beatrice Tibuzzi (ASSILEA), Stefano Melazzini (Mediocredito Italiano), Fabio Piacentini (BPER Leasing – Sardaleasing), Riccardo Cassetta (ENEL X), and the event’s moderator was Andrea Beverini,

Luigi Macchiola, Director General of ASSILEA: “I was able to have a look around the Boat Show and I was very impressed. I can see a lot of activity, a lot of sea lovers and a lot of potential contracts. I will be leaving with a very positive feeling because I’ve noticed a great number of new products. All of what I have seen is important for the industry as a whole. Leasing really finds its own world in that of boating. 80% of contracts are closed with leasing and I am certain that this fact will be increasingly confirmed for a number of reasons. I can see an ongoing development in boating infrastructure. I’m thinking of marinas where the use of land vehicles and energy-saving facilities are very interesting right now and, why not, probably covered by financial or operational leasing

Digital innovation conference

The afternoon also saw Atena Lombardia back for a second successful edition of their workshop entitled “Digital innovation and integrated onboard systems”, held in the Nervi Hall of the Blue Pavilion. Structured around a key issue for the boating world, the seminar offered interventions by Paolo Mazzucchelli (Navigazione Laghi), who illustrated an interesting upcoming project concerning the fleet of the important Sailing Company, Andrea Piccione (VOLVO PENTA), with an interesting focus on connectivity and automation of propulsion systems, Alessandro Stefani (MARTEC), who spoke about the boating industry 4.0, followed by Giorgio Barabini (ABS – American Bureau of Shipping), who provided an important point of view, and finally by Luca Sebastiani (SEASTEMA S.p.a.), who gave us a glimpse of the future speaking about automated control and remote control of boats.

Retimpresa Conference

Business networks are an ever more present phenomenon concerning an increasing number of contexts, influencing issues such as the digital transformation 4.0, innovation, territorial promotion and the Made in Italy brand. They are a way to form aggregates that can provide advantages for the boating world as well. These were the core issues discussed during the seminar entitled “Boating industry networks – opportunities and best practice”, which saw the participation of Fabrizio Landi, President of Retimpresa, Alessandro Gianneschi, Vice President of UCINA (Italy’s Marine Industry Association), Carlo La Rotonda, Director for Retimpresa.

Fabrizio Landi: “We are here today to discuss opportunities and practices of business networks as tools for creating business aggregates. Italy offers a pretty unique business network legal structure compared to the rest of the world, having developed greatly over the past decade. This is different from any other tool, in its most common and most used form. I would like to thank Alessandro Gianneschi for having us, together we believe that networks can be a system for uniting business in this sector as well. Smaller businesses can come together to face common objectives, such as internationalisation, technological evolution, a form of development that can be difficult for a business on its own and which can be more easily achieved through strategic cooperation. Working together we can achieve this.”

Alessandro Gianneschi: “UCINA is divided into 7 categories and represents the entire boatinf industry, these sectors all have well-defined characteristics and are closely interconnected. The issues we usually face are those concerning internationalisation, collectives abroad and promoting the Made in Italy brand, along with the fundamentally important need to explore new markets which requires a supporting network .An important analysis could be that of business networks a key tool for development. It would be interesting to establish a mutual relationship of exchange between the two aggregates to create a system where, using available data on boating companies such as case histories and analysis tools, UCINA could trade statistics and sector analyses to create an actual boating business network. All Italian businesses, due in part to the crisis, were forced to implement an international structure. Now the time has come for us to take one step further and define a more effective structure to be even more competitive, even as an “Italy system”.”

Waterfront and Urban Redevelopment

The Breitling Theatre held a conference today dedicated to “Waterfronts and Urban Regeneration” held by WaterFrontLab, the ideas workshop that defines all of the urban, real-estate, tourism-related and environmental initiatives aimed at redevelopments on the coast lines of seas and lakes. WaterFrontLab was founded to promote and encourage the sharing of common values between different players on the public and private scenes.

An interesting panel of experts discussed opportunities for environmental protection and economic development offered by coastal areas: Emanuele Bellani, Founder and Director General of REAAS spa, Laura Piantanida, Secretary General of AREL – Associazione Real Estate Ladies, Alessandra Balduzzi, Development & Property Manager, CDP Investimenti SGR spa, of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, Simonetta Cenci, Genoa’s Municipal Assessor for Town Planning, Stefania Frandi, President of Sib Confcommercio for Tuscany, Maria Francesca Silva, Development Manager of Campus Erzelli in Genoa, Claudia Soravia, Operational Work Safety & Environmental Dept., REAAS spa, Silvia Viviani, Livorno’s Municipal Assessor for Town Planning and Former President of INU.

The conference confirmed the importance of Italian waterfronts and how their value also lies in integrating all operators that are close to the world of boating.

BREITLING FOR THE OCEANS – The Swiss company’s commitment to defending our seas

A new collection, new testimonial and a continued commitment on behalf of Breitling announced at the “Breitling Theater” during the 59th Genoa International Boat Show provided visitors with their latest initiatives in favour of defending our seas. Held by Andrea and Michele from Radio Deejay, the event organised by the company behind the Boat Show’s Official Timepiece informed the audience about the dangers that are currently threatening the planet’s ecosystem through the words of marine biologist Marco Formali and visual artist Giuseppe La Spada who displayed his photographs with one of Breitling’s ambassadors: skiing champion Daniela Brignone, daughter of another great Italian champion, Marina Rosa “Ninna” Quario. Another ambassador from the Breitling Squad, at his first official event, is surfer Roberto d’Amico introduced by Patrizia Aste, CEO of Breitling, who illustrated their new collection inspired by the sea and made up of watched that have straps made from recycling fishing lines. A collection revealed first at the 59th Genoa International Boat Show (the world premiere will take place tomorrow in Los Angeles) and which carries on the tradition of watches dedicated to the sea that Breitling began back in 1960.

During the daily press meeting, UCINA Vice President Piero Formenti stated that the Association is currently working towards creating a Conference of regional Nautical Association. The objective is to support the development of the boating industry across the territory by providing regional associations with UCINA’s know-how for communicating with the government and providing technical support for organising events. The project will begin with the associations of Puglia and Sicily and will soon include Lazio and Campania.

Senator Matteo Salvini was also present at the Genoa Boat Show for a private visit.


Tomorrow will be the Boat Show’s last day, offering an excellent send-off with a full programme of events for visitors to make the most of the last hours of the Mediterranean’s biggest event. As per tradition the event dedicated to Boating and Tax will take place at 10.30 am in the Pegli Hall in the Blue Pavilion. The closing press conference for the Boat Show will take place at 1.00 pm in the UCINA Lounge – on the Blue Pavilion’s Mezzanine floor. Speakers will include: Saverio Cecchi, President of UCINA, Carla Demaria, President of organisers I Saloni Nautici, Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa, Maurizio Caviglia, Secretary General of Genoa’s Chamber of Commerce, and Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region.

The complete events programme for tomorrow:

Breitling Theatre

11.00 am – 12.00 pm:     Italian Sailing Federation Winter Championship Presentation

12.00 pm – 1.00 pm:       Presenting the results of the 2019 Stelle blu del Mediterraneo

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm:         Practical notions of meteorology for recreational sailing – facing the vast ocean while being aware of current weather information (Navimeteo on behalf of Assonautica Genova)

Conferences and Seminars

10.30 am – 1.00 pm:       BOATING AND TAX – Accountants Meeting (Pegli Hall)

11.00 am – 2.00 pm:       Ideas Matching x Connext_B2B organised by the Italian Industry Confederation Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with UCINA (ForumUCINA Hall)

11.00 am:                            Marine University: Research (University of Genoa – Nervi Hall)

1.00 pm:                              Closing Press Conference for the 59th Genoa International Boat Show (UCINA Lounge)

Exhibitors Events

2.00 pm – 6.30 pm:         Beneath the sea’s surface: work, fun and safety – conference organised by the Hyperbaric and Underwater Medical Centre (CEMIS) in Massa Carrara and CISOM (Nervi Hall, Pavilion B Mezzanine)