A full day of events, talks and sport kicked off the weekend for the 59th Genoa International Boat Show.

FIV – Italy’s Sailing Federation

Today the Breitling Theatre, at the heart of the 59th Genoa International Boat Show, hosted a series of competitive sailing events including off-shore racing, e-sailing and Olympic classes.

The theatre’s day began with the presentation of the eleventh edition of the 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar, an off-shore regatta held by the Yacht Clubs Repubblica Marinara di Pisa, Punta Ala and Livorno, scheduled to take place on 30th May, and which last year saw an impressive 220 boats sail across the starting line. This presentation was followed by that of the Torri Saracene Regatta (31st May – 9th June), an event that blurs the line between sport and tourism, between Naples, Castellammare di Stabia and Marina di Camerota, followed in turn by the presentation of the NARC 2020 (North Adriatic Rating Circuit), a circuit for boats and rating promoted by the Yacht Club Hannibal in Monfalcone alongside other sailing centres facing the north Adriatic, bringing together a series of important events scheduled to take place between March and November.

Later the Breitling Theatre offered audiences a demonstration of virtual sailing with the final of the first National e-Sailing Championship and a chance to experience key international events with the presentation of the Genoa World Cup 2020, an Olympic sailing circuit that will stop on the Ligurian coast next April, with all of the top names working towards Tokyo 2020. The presentation saw the participation of the Italian Sailing Federation’s President Francesco Ettorre, alongside Italian sailors Maelle Frascari, Benedetta Di Salle, Ruggero Tita and Giulio Calabrò. “This is a great moment for Italian sailing and I’m pleased to be able to celebrate it here at the Genoa International Boat Show, an event that gets better and better every year”, stated Ettorre at the end of the presentation. “I would like to congratulate UCINA and the Boat Show organisers as a whole for having put together an event they can truly be proud of”.

“Marine Litter” Conference

In the afternoon, the ForumUCINA Hall hosted a Conference dedicated to Marine Litter – One of humanity’s greatest challenges which focused on the irreversible damage caused by plastic in the sea and on the gravity of the phenomenon. The event included the presentation of the exchange programme between Brazil and Italy to defend the seas, inspired by a plan of action for marine protection elaborated by Brazil’s Nautical Association ACATMAR, entitled Limpeza dos Mares. WWF and Assonautica Italiana then launched their own “Decalogo Plastic Free del diportista.”

Quaranta Riuggenti

The events programme of the Breitling Theatre came to a close with the presentation of the project “Quaranta Riuggenti”, a sailing cruise from Genoa to Venice organised for the Quarantennale Hyadescorso 1980-1983 della Scuola Navale Francesco Morosini di Venezia – by a group of former course students with the aim to raise awareness about protecting and preserving the sea and about respecting the marine ecosystem. The project benefits from the patronage of the Italian Navy and of Assomorosini and derives from a partnership between the Thetys Association, a marine biology research institute.

Amer Yachts and GS4C: a revolutionary project for true sustainability

Thanks to the brainchild of shipyard Amer Yachts and new materials R&D company GS4C, a new generation of yachts is here, capable of solving the problem of fiberglass disposal. The innovation is called FILAVA and is a brand new fibre made from basalt and which is entirely recyclable. Presenting the project at the 59th Genoa International Boat Show was Barbara Amerio, leader of the Permare Group brand Amer Yachts, and Italian engineer and founder of GS4C Enrico Benco,.

Such a real revolution for the boating world was made possible by an event organised by UCINA, Italy’s Marine Industry Association, and Assolombarda who brought together operators from the boating world and other sectors, during which Barbara Amerio and Enrico Benco were introduced to one another. That very meeting marked the beginning of a collaboration that two years later gave birth to a yacht created entirely out of FILAVA. While presenting the new design, Amer Yachts received a plaque from RINA that acknowledges their achievement of the highest environmental certification, Green Plus Platinum, yet another confirmation of the care and dedication to the environment shown by the shipyard run by Barbara Amerio.

Millevele Regatta

Today’s magnificent weather was also the perfect frame for the 32nd edition of the Millevele Regatta, a race organised by the Italian Yacht Club, of which the prize ceremony will be held at the Genoa International Boat Show tomorrow at 12.00 pm. Kauris II was first to pass the finish line. The 2019 Millevele was chosen by the 3 leading hospitals in Genoa for their first edition of the Hospitality Sail Race Genoa, won by the team racing for the city’s Galliera Hospital.

Winners for each category are as follows:

Green Group 1: Kauris II – Giovanni Arvedi

Green Group 2: Obsession – Iren – Rossello De Martini

Green Group 3: Voloira IV – Francesco Zucchi

Yellow Group 4: L’Escargot – Fabio Costa – Cesare Iacobucci

Yellow Group 5: Tekno – Piero Arduino

Yellow Group 6: Lunetta – Paolo Pasquini


Another full day of events to look forward to tomorrow at the Genoa International Boat Show, such as the prize ceremony for the 32nd Millevele Regatta scheduled to take place in the ForumUCINA Hall at 12.00 pm and the presentation of the Recreational Sailing Law Manual at 11.00 am on the Breitling Theatre stage, where at 6.00 pm visitors will be able to see the 18th edition of the Boat of the Year Award.

Tomorrow’s complete events programme:

Breitling Theatre

11.00 am – 12.00 pm:     Presentation of the Recreational Sailing Law Manual – Aniello Raiola

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm:         Award Ceremony for the Italian Sailing Federation Sailing Schools

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm:         Presenting the “Sentinelle del Mare” project (National Association for Ports and Marinas)

4.00 pm – 5.00 pm:         Paolo Chiarino – Swimming 1.000 m below the ice of Antarctica without a swimsuit

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm:         Cadamà, a sailing boat without barriers

6.00 pm:                              18th edition of the BOAT OF THE YEAR AWARD promoted by Vela e Motore and UCINA (the Italian Marine Industry Association).

Conferences and Seminars

12.00 pm – 1.00 pm:       Millevele Regatta 2019 Award Ceremony (Italian Yacht Club – Forum UCINA Hall)

3.00 pm:                              Coffee with the President (Media Centre)

6.00 pm                               President of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, and President of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, will join the top management of UCINA in a press event towards the end a day spent visiting the Boat Show

Exhibitors events

11.00 am:                            Yamaha Motor Italia Press conference

2.30 pm – 6.00 pm:         Presentation for electric batteries for marine propulsion and unconventional propulsion vessels (Tecnoservizi, Pegli Hall – Pavilion B Mezzanine)