An intense morning full of events at the 59th Genoa International Boat Show.


This morning, during the conference “Creating value for the territory. The multiplying effect of cruises” a study, carried out by Deloitte & Touche, the University of Genoa and the University of Hamburg, was presented which acts as a photograph of the economic impact of the Costa Crociere Group in Europe. Cruises have confirmed their positive contribution for the European and Italian economies. Specifically, the Group itself in 2018 generated an economic impact equal to 12.6 billion euros across Europe, creating over 63,000 jobs (Full Time Equivalent). Liguria is the Region that benefits the most from the presence of the Costa Group, with 511 million euros of economic impact and over 3,200 jobs created, of which 1,100 created directly.

Present at the conference were the Undersecretary to the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Roberto Traversi, Liguria’s Regional Assessor for Communication, Education, Youth and Cultural Policies, Ilaria Cavo, the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the Mayor of Savona, Ilaria Caprioglio, the Secretary General for Port Authorities on the Western Ligurian Sea, Marco Sanguineri, and the President of Confitarma, Mario Mattioli.

Cruises produce value and wealth for the cities and countries in which they operate. Every single euro spent is multiplied, generating further wealth that has the potential to positively transform a territory’s economy. – commented Neil Palomba, Director General of Costa Crociere. – The aim of this study is to quantify exactly this value, focusing on Europe and Italy in the hopes that with the support of the community of ports where our cruises dock we can define development strategies with greater economic awareness”.

Marina Stella, Director General of UCINA (Italy’s Marine Industry Association), greeted the event’s speakers: “On behalf of UCINA, welcome to the 59th Genoa International Boat Show. The Genoa Boat Show enjoys a strong connection with the territory and generates 60 million euros of income. And just like Costa Crociere, the Boat Show provides a high multiplier in terms of revenue and employment throughout the territory. In the maritime sector, boating has a multiplier of 7.4 for revenue and 9.6 for employment.”


Two events today were organised by Atena Lombardia in partnership with UCINA and Genoa’s Order of Engineers.

In the morning, the “Propellers” conference focused on new technologies for developing and industrialising propellers. Speakers included Stefano Gaggero from the University of Genoa, Ivan Santic (INSEAN _CNR), Luigi Francesco Minerva (MARIN), Giovanni Caprino (CETENA), and Luca Radice (Eliche Radice).

The event not only illustrated the current state of development with regards to the world of new design technology, perfectly described by the research bodies and development companies, it also gave visitors the chance to learn more about the industrial side, thanks to an interesting speech given by Luca Radice, whose company this year is celebrating their 100th anniversary.


The end of the morning saw the conference “Teak and other timber for maritime use” held by Federlegno Arredo and Fedecomlegno in partnership with UCINA.

Among the issues discussed was importing teak from Myanmar and the EUTR compliance procedure, along with the various issues and alternatives. There was also a focus on the varieties of timber used for maritime purposes.

Speakers included Andrea Razeto, Vice President of UCINA, who welcomed participants on behalf of UCINA, Alessandro Calcaterra, President of Fedecomlegno, Massimo Fiorini, Fedecomlegno Manager.


This morning, the Genoa International Boat Show hosted the world premiere for the Ocean Race, the legendary team regatta around the world, where it was announced that for the next edition scheduled to take place in 2021-2022 the finish city will be Genoa. This will be the first time an Italian city is involved in the most famous race around the world, which in the 1970 was known as the Whitbread, then the Volvo Ocean Race and from the next edition The Ocean Race.

It’s a dream to come back to the Genoa Boat Show – commented Richard Brisius, Race Chairman of The Ocean Race – this is the best boat show in the world and I’ve seen a lot, so for me, to announce that this very city will be the finish for the final leg of the next race means a lot to me, and in the meantime I can’t wait for next year’s celebrations for the show’s 60th anniversary. Italy has always been involved in this event, in 1973 there were an impressive three Italian boats taking part, and it’s been far too long since we’ve seen a team sporting the red white and green. Who knows? Perhaps Italy will be ready to take part now that the final will be here.”

In the previous edition Alberto Bolzan and I – stated Francesca Clapcich, world champion sailor who took part in last edition’s race onboard Turn The Tide On Plastic – we were in two different teams, but united by our common nationality. It’s very important for us as Italians to see The Ocean Race finish in Genoa, my dream is to take part in another race, and with the final leg ending in Genoa companies and authorities could come together to organise an entirely Italian team. We need to work hard to make this possible, more so than in the past, we could become competitive, with Alberto and his immense experience who could act as a shining beacon for younger sailors from different classes.”


Two events dedicated to sailing this morning at the Breitling Theatre.

Today saw the presentation of the only Italian team in the Transquadra

Francesco Lambri and Alessandro Moretti at the Breitling Theatre of the 59th Genoa International Boat Show presented their participation in the Transquadra, the trans-Atlantic regatta for two-person teams that kicks off on 19th July from Lorient, in Brittany. Francesco and Alessandro, onboard their 9.60-metre ArteriX will be the only Italian team taking part in the race that started 27 years ago and which only allows Over 40 amateurs to take part. The first leg (1,300 km) will carry the expected 80 vessels from Lorient (with a potential second starting point in Marseilles) to the island of Madeira. The second leg is 2,700 km long and arrives in Martinique, Caribbean. For Francesco Lambri, engineer, and Alessandro Moretti, accountant, the Transquadra is the highlight of a long friendship: “We have known each other for years and have sailed together a lot. The idea of taking part in the Transquadra race came about last Spring in Venice. It is a great challenge and the achievement of a dream: to cross the Atlantic, racing alongside a crowd of Over 40s”.

Women Sailing Academy and AIRC

Over 50,000 euros were collected over this year for research. This result was presented by the Women’s Sailing Academy at the Breitling Theatre of the 59th Genoa International Boat Show. This is a great achievement, as underlined by the team manager Ivana Quattrini, for this new initiative, now a Foundation dedicated to promoting female sailing, especially for women who have suffered from cancer, and collecting funds for the Italian Association for Cancer Research. For this project, the “Team”, who shared the success of the “Partita del Cuore” event with the Giannina Gaslini Institute, which in Genoa collected a staggering 1 million euros in donations, works with an entirely female sailing team, “Le Falchette di AIRC”, founded in 2015 by Anne-Soizic Bertin and Ivana Quattrini and coached by Lucia Pozzo, active both on the regatta tracks and in promoting and organising fund raising events for AIRC’s scientific research. All under the motto: “Velicità” = Vela + Felicità (Sailing + Joy)